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A Quick Overview of Artificial Neural Network and Its Benefits

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) has turned out to be one of the most interesting pieces of the computing system in recent years. This technology is designed to simulate the way our human brain analyzes and processes information. This is one of the critical foundations of Artificial Intelligence and helps businesses in solving problems that would otherwise be time-consuming and almost impossible by statistical or human processing standards.

As more data is generated throughout the different domains across the globe, the artificial neural network helps businesses produce better results with self-learning abilities. It possesses an impeccable ability to derive meaning from imprecise or complicated data structures.

Similarities With Biological Neural Network

The original goal of the pioneers working to pilot artificial intelligence technology was to replicate human brain functioning. And why not, after all, there’s no surprise as to why our human brain is recognized as nature’s most smartest and complex known creation. This could also be said as one of the reasons why the word “intelligence” was used when introducing this technology to the world.

Artificial neural networks take inspiration from our biological neural network counterparts. We know a lot about the human brain due to the advancement in science and technology, but many of our brain’s function remains a mystery. The human biological neural network empowers our brain with the capability to process a huge amount of information in the most complicated ways.

Our biological neural network consists of approximately 100 billion neurons, and this is just the basic processing of our brain. The word synapses are used to describe the neuron function as they connect with the massive network. Although an awesome piece of information, you may be more concerned about how exactly can the artificial neural network help your business drive better outcomes. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits first.

Artificial Neural Network Helps in Information Storage

In traditional programming, the information is stored on the network and not on a database. There’s an increased chance of few pieces of information missing on the network, but ANN stores information on the entire network and so the whole network does not stop functioning if a few pieces of information goes missing.

Nonlinear Data Processing

Many times businesses need to work with complex computational solutions that are also expensive. Nonlinear systems are designed with the capability to find shortcuts and accomplish the task in the most economic way. Another advantage here is that rather than waiting for the records in the data source to explicitly be linked, these systems can infer effectively infer connections between the data points.

The nonlinear data processing approach is definitely a shortcut and more efficient way to handle complex problems, and this is fed into the artificial neural network. For businesses dealing either directly or indirectly with commercial big data analysis, the ANN technology becomes highly valuable to them.

About Artificial Neural Network

High Level of Fault Tolerance

In business operations, fault tolerance level capabilities are highly crucial for a long-term strategy to fall in place. ANN has a high fault tolerance level and this comes in handy especially in our time of digital-first industry approach. With digitalization being approached by almost every business operation, it is vital that every technology syncs well with one another for efficient functioning across the board.

However, when the networks as scaled across multiple machines and servers there’s an increased chance of miscommunication. ANN proves to be of great help here by routing around missing servers, data, and nodes when these cannot communicate.

ANN is Capable of Self-Repair

There’s a lot more that the artificial neural network can do than routing around the network parts that are no longer operational. When ANN is used to find out more about the specific data that is no longer communicating, it can still generate a large amount of data with the help of inferences and help system administrators to identify the node that is not working.

In business operations that need administrators to constantly know about the current state of the network, this feature of the artificial neural network is highly beneficial. A system administrator can self debug and diagnose the network problems.

These were just a few of the noteworthy benefits of an artificial neural network that businesses can benefit from in our times. However, there is a lot more research and development going on and only time will tell more about how the immense potential of artificial technology is further explored.

Looking for Artificial Neural Network Solution in Your Business?

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Take Next Step in Digitalization with AI

Artificial intelligence and digitalization go hand in hand, and when it comes to increased productivity, efficiency, and implementing a futuristic technology you can’t go wrong with the artificial neural network. Implementing ANN needs a clear strategy backed up by an experienced team in implementing and supporting the functionalities before handing them over to the local IT teams to take it over.

Our teams have the experience of working with various IT teams across domains and implementing ANN within your network with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. Would you like to hear more on how Codetru can help you in implementing artificial neural networks within your business operations? Let’s schedule a quick call and we would love to share more about how we can help enhance your business operations.
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