Anaplan, which came from a combination of two words “analysis” and “planning,” is a comprehensive and robust organizational planning platform. It helps large organizations in making important, intelligent business plans and decisions by allowing them to collect and access significant business data easily.

This web-based enterprise platform for business planning is also known for its in-memory database and calculation engine called HyperBlock. By hyper-block, we mean, when a customer enterprise uploads data to the Anaplan cloud, its users would be able to quickly organize and analyse disparate sets of enterprise data from finance, human resources, sales, and other areas of business operations.

Anaplan platform provides enterprise customers with familiar excel-style functionality, and therefore, ordinary business users are able to use the software to make data-driven decisions that would otherwise require a data-scientist’s skill set.

Anaplan incorporates modules for workforce force planning, quota planning, commission calculation, project planning, demand arranging, budgeting, planning and forecasting, monetary consolidation, and productivity modelling.

Key Characteristics of Anaplan Platform

  Engaging User Experience

Anaplan's cooperative, intuitive and engaging user experience carries the right individuals into the planning process at the right time, across devices and solutions. The whole organization will want to share continuous information, empower more brilliant and quicker decision-making, and uncommon adaptability.

With Anaplan:

  • New and present-day design works with intuitive and customized insight across devices.
  • One can build pages, apps, and boards to create more visual, interactive dashboards that display KPIs, charts, and many more.
  • One can view KPIs, receive alerts, and make timely changes and updates easily.
  • Commenting and sharing plans encourages teams to have contextual conversations about data and scenarios to quickly unify on strategy and execute.
  • Extensions for Microsoft Office and Google Suite can enable a seamless experience online.

Engaging User Experience
Engaging User Experience

  Embedded Intelligence

Embedded optimization includes optimizer, cutting-edge predictive algorithms, and evolving AI/ML capabilities that transform complicated inputs into actionable recommendations.

With embedded intelligence, one can access hundreds of variables and constraints, which let optimization and ML capabilities solve for an optimal answer.

With embedded intelligence, one can derive recommendations for many complicated use cases that include sales territory planning, inventory management, project portfolio optimization, etc.

Further, embedded algorithms enable statistical forecastings such as Curve Fit, Smoothing, Seasonal Smoothing, and many more.

  Powerful Planning & Modeling

Anaplan’s Hyperblock calculation engine enables multi-dimensional scenario modelling with unlimited constraints. This powerful technology allows companies to model the most complicated scenarios so that they can stay ahead of market changes. Meanwhile, Anaplan maintains 100% consistency across all model changes.

Anaplan offers two calculation engines – the Classic Engine and Anaplan Polaris TM. These engines are designed to solve any type of business problem at scale. Together, these engines empower businesses to easily expand plans and use cases alongside rapidly growing business needs.

In addition to this, HyperModel TM capabilities allow users to incorporate vast amounts of data into their use cases to solve complex business scenarios and naturally adjust forecasts.

Powerful Planning & Modeling
Highly Extensible Ecosystem

  Highly Extensible Ecosystem

Anaplan allows users to integrate and analyze data within a unified platform, thus, creating a single source of truth from planning to decision-making. APIs, ETL connectors, and built-in integrators easily communicate with other solutions.

Anaplan has connectors for ETL and ESB tools that integrate with systems of record, such as Informatica, MuleSoft, Dell Boomi, and SnapLogic.

Anaplan supports purpose-built integrations for enterprise systems of engagement – Tableau, Workiva, and DocuSign.

Anaplan can further be extended with custom integrations using REST APIs and scripting.

Enterprise Scalability

  Enterprise Scalability

The Anaplan platform connects the whole enterprise and scales across trillions of cells, hundreds of models and use cases, thousands of users, and multiple versions. Calculations in Anaplan stay consistent and rapid for all data sets and any number of users.

Hyper-threading with CPU cores allows the Anaplan platform to process millions of rows per second.

Anaplan’s Hyperblock technology processes only the relevant cells, dramatically reducing calculation time.

Application lifecycle management (ALM) in the cloud systematically synchronizes structure between models.

  Robust Security

Anaplan platform has industry-leading security capabilities, thus, it gives businesses the transparency, visibility, access, and control needed for superior data safekeeping and protection. This platform offers best-in-class security and compliance including BYOK, single sign-on support with SAML 2.0, and data encryption at rest and in transit.

Identity and authorization management in Anaplan provides users management, access control, and selective access. Authentication is validated through SSO and certificates.

Encryption is kept at rest and in-transit with an option for BYOK.

Audit functionality in the Anaplan platform, tracks users’ activity and access control security events.

Robust Security

Advantages of Anaplan Platform

Anaplan platform is software that analyses business performance data, which the decision- makers or managers can employ while moving forward. It generally covers enterprise-wide processes and single usages. With Anaplan, businesses and organizations are able to make sure that everyone involved in the decision-making process is on the same page. Anaplan allows decision makers to collaborate with ease, thus this results in a faster process of finding resolutions to issues at hand. Apart from these, there are a few more benefits that this platform offers.

Dynamic Planning

Dynamic planning is a collaborative process. Anaplan platform allows for widespread participation in planning across the company and encourages feedback. This means you will have comprehensive information to continuously adapt plans as you can sense changes in the market.

Intelligent Decision Making

By choosing Anaplan, you can make smarter decisions across the whole business. This platform provides all the information you need to make intelligent choices whenever you need it. There aren’t any delays where you will have to wait to receive data that supports your decision.

Adapts Quickly

One of the best benefits of the Anaplan platform is that it quickly allows you to adapt to changes. You will be able to consider the possible options before responding in real-time. This gives you and your organization access to everything you need. For example “Sonos” in an organization, drastically reduced the amount of time needed to respond to changes in demand.

Focus on Target

Scenario-based planning is important when you are making business decisions. For example “What if” scenarios that are possible with Anaplan, allow you to access what’s possible. This ensures you stay focused on the target because you can adjust accordingly when there comes new information about the future like unexpected events, weather patterns, etc.

Boost Shareholder Confidence

Bad data is a risk; it can lead to bad decisions and blur the actual big picture, which can cause mistakes. Anaplan provides real-time data and therefore there is a no-longer risk that you have to worry about. Shareholders that earlier had reservations about incorrect data or the length of time taken to respond, can now rest now because the Anaplan platform mitigates these risks.

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