Withstanding the fact that, in this constantly evolving digital arena, an inexhaustible number of devices are manoeuvring on diverse operating systems. Hence, businessmen who aspire their mobile application to reach a bigger audience frequently require to unleash it for diverse mobile platforms in parallel.

Though the objective is apparently logical, it is not that easy to get that ease. In detail, the developers should build an app from base manier times, which means one app for each platform employing different technologies and tools. Distinctive mobile app development requires more time and effort, also skilled resources and ultimately more money. Well, this scenario will become hard for small scale businesses. In this scenario, cross-platform development will come in use highly.

This approach suggests that, rather than building various versions of one mobile app for every platform, one can build one app for all platforms using single code. The most reputed platforms are - react - native, Xamarin, Cordava, and, the most contemporary among them, Flutter framework. This blog will take you through why you should use Flutter for mobile app development among other frameworks and how it eases an affordable and quicker app development. Let's dive in...

What is Flutter ?

Flutter is based on the object-focused programming language dart whereas Other frameworks use more reputed languages, for instance JavaScript for React Native, C# for Xamarin, and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Cordova), but Dart is effortless to get, specifically for individuals who are familiar with object-oriented programming.

Apart from the authentic benefits of cross-platform frameworks, like decreasing the expense and time of development, there are a few different explanations for Flutter becoming a competitor to other frameworks and even endangering native app development. Well, any recent technology basically fetches some improvement to the way things were executed earlier.

Check out the key benefits of Flutter for app development

  • Single Code for Two Prominent Platforms
  • Less Time for Testing
  • Hot Reload Facility
  • Incredible Performance
  • Distinguishable Themes

Single code for two prominent platforms

To create an app for both iOS and Android, Flutter employs a single codebase. It has the configurations and widgets for building an identical app for both platforms.On top of that, if there is a requirement to make one variant of an app slightly distinctive, it can be accomplished with Flutter.

Less time for testing

As Flutter mobile apps development benefits from a single codebase, testers are required to review only one code for all versions of a single app, only if there were few contrasts done between versions.

Hot Reload Facility

The prevalent hot reload feature of Flutter is a turmoil among the developers. It lets them prepare UIs & catch bugs quickly and it conserves time that is usually invested on emulators & simulators for the apps(iOS or Android) by revealing the finest modifications in the app in a live scenario.

Incredible Performance

To be honest, Flutter apps are ultimately fast and they assemble down into native binaries that rely on the rendering engines & graphics built-in C/C++, which generate a rapid and high-performance app. Flutter apps can raise a stable 60 fps on all devices! The big performance augmentation that Flutter renders has catalysed its compatibility ratio by developers around the world. Besides real native apps are relatively better when it is the case of rendering & performance, Flutter has constructed its own place among the cross-platform frameworks.

Distinguishable themes

In most cases, the themes of the same app are unlike iOS and Android. The contrast is not in the theme colour and layout but its even more than that. Flutter lets you put in separate themes while creating code for both the platforms.

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