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PHP Vs Java - Which is a Better Server-Side Language?

In the field of software development, with the constant evolution of new programming languages, there is always this question of which is the best among all. Be it the stakeholders or the developers, identifying the right programming language for any application is the number one priority.

So, instead of saying which is the best programming language, is it better to say which among PHP and Java is best suited for your web application? The battle is on between the two sharks of server-side programming languages – PHP and Java.

PHP Vs Java - Which is a Better?

What is PHP? Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)

The Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)which was originally named Personal Homepage is a backend language introduced in 1994. It is essentially a server-side scripting language that can be embedded into the HTML. It is an interpreted language that helps in building secure web applications quickly and economically. Many content management systems and social media sites are built using PHP. To name a few, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, etc. can be included in the list.

What is Java? What is Java?

Java is again a general-purpose, cross-platform, high-level language introduced in 1995. It is considered both compiled and interpreted language as the java compiler first compiles the java code into binary byte code, then the byte code is further interpreted by the JVM. It can be used for developing web and mobile applications, building games, analytics, and IoT applications as well. Many large companies such as Google, Amazon, Uber, eBay, Netflix, Instagram, etc. use Java for their web applications.

PHP Vs Java

PHP Vs Java

So, why should we compare PHP and Java?

Java and PHP are a couple of the most well-known backend languages where PHP is touted to be used 82.5% of the time in building web applications. Java is the 2nd most popular language among the programming languages existing today. Both are used for server-level programming and have been in existence from around the same time.

While they are similar in some aspects, we will see in this blog, how is each ideal for different kinds of web applications.


Java comes with a multi-threaded approach to handle various functions which expedite the processes management. On the other hand, the latest PHP versions improve the speed of execution and reduce memory consumption, yet Java is found to be better in terms of the performance of the application.

Coding Speed:

Java requires longer code to execute for similar functionality in PHP. Hence, when it comes to the speed of coding, it is faster to code in PHP than in Java for an application.


When it comes to stability, as a rule of thumb, the longer code is more stable with fewer crashes. Therefore, Java is considered to be a more stable and more reliable option among PHP and Java.


Both have been introduced around the same time. Hence, both PHP and Java have impressive documentation. However, while Java documentation is maintained on the Oracle website, it is clear, precise, and well-maintained. You might find the PHP documentation inconsistent, worn out, and with gaps.

Learning Curve:

Both PHP and Java are found to be easy to learn. Both are easy to learn if you have certain coding knowledge.


When it comes to the popularity of the two programming languages, Java takes the cake. Github has 119k users of Java while PHP has 55k users in comparison.


Security is of utmost importance especially when there is always a looming threat of websites being hacked. While PHP and Java both offer unmatched security, Java is considered to be more secure. Java comes with more security-enhancing features, while PHP has to rely on the frameworks for it.

Cost of Development:

Cost is one of the key factors from a business standpoint. PHP needs lesser code for writing a functionality as we compare with Java. Lesser code means coding is cheaper in PHP. What’s more, Java is not free and open-source from January 2019. It will need licensing cost which adds to the cost of development. PHP, on the other hand, is free and open-source.

why should we compare PHP and Java?

When is PHP used?

PHP is leveraged when the cost is a crucial factor. PHP is highly recommended for building eCommerce websites, content management systems, and social media platforms.

When is Java used?

Java is mainly used for building enterprise-level applications, Android development, Web Servers.

Think Twice Code Once


PHP and Java have their unique position in the software development world. While Java is highly secure, offers better performance, is popular among developers, and is more stable, PHP offers better coding speed, is easy to learn, and is economical in implementation.

However, if you are unsure of which programming language to leverage for your next project, contact our technical team for unparalleled advice.

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