Top Tech Trends To Shape Your Career In 2022
Top Tech Trends To Shape Your Career In 2022

Top Tech Trends To Shape Your Career In 2022

Today, improvements in hardware and software development, data analysis needs, internet connectivity and communication, security considerations, medical emergencies, etc., all together have inspired the demand for the latest technology trends.

In addition to this, an unexpected switch to remote and hybrid working due to the COVID-19 pandemic has also fuelled some of the progress in the tech world. This clearly shows how important it is for us to keep an eye on emerging technologies, and know which skills we must learn to secure a good job in the future.

So, let’s take a look at some of the key tech trends that will be required for making a promising career in the field of information technology.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) , although started gaining popularity a decade ago, still continues to be one of the new technologies today because its remarkable effects on how we live, work, and play are still in the early stages. AI is already popular for its use in applications for image and speech recognition, navigation programs, smartphone personal assistants, voice assistants, and much more.

A B2B research firm “Markets and Markets” suggested that the AI market is expected to grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025. So, with the AI spreading its wings across sectors, new jobs will be created in development, programming, testing, support, and maintenance. Even the salaries provided for these jobs will be quite high, thus, AI technology is the trend to watch out for.

Machine learning is a subset of AI and is used for learning new functions. It is deployed in numerous industries and has seen a massive surge in demand for skilled professionals, making it an attractive trend to watch. According to Verified Market Research, ML market size globally is expected to reach USD 47.29 billion by 2027, thus, making it another new trending technology for job seekers to look out for.

Robotic Process Automation

Just like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is another trending technology that is automating jobs. RPA in general is the use of multiple software and applications used for automating business processes such as data collection and analysis, customer service, and other repetitive tasks, which were managed previously through manual processes.

RPA is a rapidly advancing technology that generates many jobs across different industries. It offers several new career options and trajectories such as a programmer, project manager, business analyst, or consultant. Thus, it is opening doors for high-paying jobs with a moderate learning curve. So, choosing RPA technology as a career move can profit you immensely.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing focuses on developing computer technology based on the principles of quantum theory. This amazing technology trend is involved in preventing the spread of Coronavirus by developing potential vaccines, thanks to its ability to easily query, monitor, analyse and act on data, regardless of the source.

Another significant field where Quantum computing is observing applications is the banking and finance sector to oversee credit hazard for high-frequency trading and fraud detection.

Quantum computers are very much faster than standard computers and thus tremendous brands like Honeywell, Microsoft, Google, and numerous others are engaged with making developments in the field of Quantum Computing. According to a Statista report, global quantum computing is expected to reach 8.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. So, if you want to make a mark in this trending technology, you need to have experience with quantum mechanics, linear algebra, probability, and machine learning.

Quantum Computing
Edge Computing

Edge Computing

Cloud computing previously was a new technology trend to watch, however, with major players like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform dominating the market, Cloud computing has become mainstream.

Although organizations are adopting Cloud solutions today, they have found several limitations in this technology. And thus, it is not an emerging technology trend. Edge is.

Edge computing is designed to help bypass the latency that Cloud Computing causes and helps organizations to get data into a data center for processing. It can exist ‘on edge’; in the sense that it is closer to where the data is processed and will ultimately take place. Edge computing is used to process time-sensitive data in far-off locations with limited or no connectivity to a centralized location. In such situations, edge computing can act like mini data centers.

Edge computing will increase as the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices increases. This new technology trend is only meant to grow and will create various jobs, especially for software developers.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been quite popular for almost a decade now. VR technology immerses users into a new environment, while AR technology enhances the user’s existing environment. VR and AR applications so far have been linked with gaming and filters on social media, simulation software such as Virtual Ship – used to train the US Navy, Army, and Coast Guard ship captains.

Usually working along with some of the above-mentioned technologies, AR and VR have enormous potential in training, entertainment, education, and marketing. It can be used either to train doctors to do surgery, offer museum-goers a deeper experience, or enhance theme parks.

A Statista report states that the global market for AR and VR is expected to reach 300 billion U.S. dollars by 2024, which means this trending technology will create more jobs in the upcoming future. Therefore, professionals must be ready for this game-changing field.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality


Most people think of Blockchain technology in relation to crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, however, Blockchain technology offers security that is useful in many other ways.

Blockchain is defined as data that you can only add to, not take away or alter. It results in many sections of data that form a ‘chain,’ hence the name Blockchain. Blockchains are conscious-driven, so no one entity can take control of the data. There is no need for a third party to oversee transactions.

Today several industries are adopting and implementing Blockchains, and thus, the demand for skilled Blockchain developers has increased. So, if you are intrigued by Blockchain and its applications, and want to make a career in this trending technology, then this is the right time to start. To get into Blockchain, you require hands-on experience of programming languages, basic knowledge of OOPS, flat, and relational databases, data structures, networking, and web application development.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is one of the promising technologies of the decade. Multiple devices are today built with WiFi connectivity, which means they can be connected to the internet – and to each other and hence, the Internet of Things or IoT.

The Internet of Things is the future, and has already enabled devices, home appliances, cars, and many other things to be connected to and exchange data over the internet.

A Statista report suggests that by 2030, there would be around 50 billion IoT devices all around the world, creating a massive web of interconnected devices spanning everything from smartphones to kitchen appliances.

Thus, if you wish to enter this trending technology, you should look into data security, AI and Machine Learning fundamentals, networking, hardware interfacing, data analytics, automation, understanding of embedded systems, etc.

Internet of Things (IoT)
5G Technology

5G Technology

The next technology that follows the IoT is the 5G technology. While 3G and 4G technologies have enabled us to browse the internet, use data-driven services, increase bandwidth for live streaming, 5G is expected to revolutionize our lives.

5G aims to revolutionise our virtual interactions by integrating AR and VR technology and better cloud-based gaming experiences like Google Stadia, NVidia GeForce Now, etc. This technology will also be used in factories and enterprises for monitoring and streamlining operations. 5G additionally has applications in road safety and rule implementation, smart grid control and smart retail experiences, and live high-definition cameras.

5G technology has already been announced in selected places in 2020, however, its worldwide launch is expected in 2022.

Cyber Security

Since the invention of computers, Cyber Security has played a major role in safer user experiences. It is not a new trend, but given that technology is evolving rapidly, Cyber Security measures need to be constantly upgraded and improved. Threats and hacking attempts are growing in number and intensity day by day; therefore, there’s a need for improving security protocols and strengthening systems against malicious attacks.

Data is the most valuable asset today, and hackers are constantly trying to steal data or information. And therefore, Cyber Security will always remain a trending technology and need to constantly evolve to stay ahead of hackers.

As proof of the strong need for cyber security professionals, the demand for cyber security jobs is growing three times faster than any other tech job today. Top cyber security job roles today include ethical hacker, security engineer, and chief security officer, all of which offer a promising career path for someone who wants to get into this evergreen technology.

Cyber Security


Now, you might know which technologies are going to make an impact in the years to come. So keeping in mind the potential and promising career they offer, you can choose your personal goals and start training in the technology you like.

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