Top Trending Tools & Technologies in App Development (IOS and Android)

Over the last two decades, the revolution of mobile apps has transformed the human way of living to a whole new level, and surprisingly, this process of levelling up is continuing even today with relentless innovations and technologies in the market. To become successful in today's scenario, one requires to go mobile and own an app to operate, promote and communicate with their consumers.

Be it the Play store or app store or any other app store is flooded with millions of mobile applications for the consumers to download and utilise for their deeds in daily routine like payments, communication, entertainment, banking, home services, shopping, etc.

In a cut-throat market, the usage of mobile phones persists to transcend desktops and other wired devices, and where an individual spends at least 2.5 hours on a mobile phone in a day on average. Hence, the mobile app developers had no other choice but to develop something better and more exciting than existing apps to entice users or welcome ignorance.

Generally, a common question which hits every developer before jumping into any mobile application development process is the kind of app that needs to be developed. This prerequisite differs not only depending on the essentials of the client, but also upon market saturation, developers' familiarity level with the technology, etc. Explore some of the basic types of apps listed below - Native apps, Mobile web apps & Hybrid mobile apps.

Native Apps

Developers code these apps using specific programming languages like Objective-C for iOS app development or Java for Android app development. Native apps feature fast performance and a high degree of dependability. These apps are also expensive to develop as they are designed for only one type of operating system and need to be duplicated for other operating systems.

Mobile Web Apps

Just to clear, these apps are not really mobile apps, but they are websites which peculiarly resemble a mobile app visually. They perform on your smartphone browser and are specifically coded in HTML5. Since the majority of websites use HTML5, the thin line between web apps and web pages is thinning, as web apps feel more peculiar besides offering a responsive and pipelines experience.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid apps are partially native and partially web apps in nature. Like native apps, hybrid apps can be found on the app store and also take advantage of the mobile phone's attributes. But just like web apps they depend on HTML5 for their development requirements. By offering the best of both worlds, developers can use hybrid apps to develop apps faster for multiple operating systems, while saving tons of money.

Technology upgrades, user demands, and a broad variety of other elements have a direct influence on mobile app trends. Keeping up with newfangled trends is debatably the most vital element of success in this arena. Mobile app developers need to keep up with the latest trends to render best services to their clients.

Mobile phones have undoubtedly transformed over the last decade. Touch screens with one or no buttons have conquered the market. If you remember, Folding mobiles used to be the trend of this generation's childhood and later the availability and productivity of flip phones vanished with the time because of timely innovative mobile phone releases in the market. But suddenly, out of nowhere, the trend of flip phones has hit the market and, surprisingly, people welcomed it notably. These smartphones fold to compress or expand the screen size depending on user preferences. For instance, a user might make a call with the device closed, but watch a video on a larger screen by unfolding the device.

Path Breaking Trends of Mobile App Development India - 2022

Post-pandemic the mobile app development arena underwent some path-breaking transformations and a lot of major tech-related innovations were brought to light. Here are some of the key tech trends happening right now.

Assimilating AI into Mobile Applications
Integrating Artificial Intelligence will be an exceptional mobile development trend since it lays the path to a bundle of advantages for any evolving enterprise. For instance, AI can augment back-end development processes, inspect errors, and automate the chores done manually. AI streamlines safe and instant biometric verification and can improve the search process for the end-user, but show preferable results. Nevertheless, AI pledges to render a variety of cutting-edge features like image recognition, predictive text, facial identity recognition, and emotion recognition. AI implementation is not peculiarly confined to any mobile development platform, in fact on any development platform, be it iOS or Android, developers can integrate it.

5G connectivity
Well, 5G is the growing version of cellular communication technology that assures the enhancement of the connection’s latency, network bandwidth, efficiency, and density. The 5G connectivity is already implemented in various corners of the world and is soon expected to grow globally. 5G tech is also expected to drive the generation towards developing more applications with the help of AR/VR, the Internet Of Things, AI, machine learning, and neural networks. The advanced features rendered by 5G tech will let developers create extensively responsive applications.

Cloud computing
The evolution of cloud technology has taken the world by storm. It has shown notable development over the years. The Cloud storage and execution of cloud tech are rooting to turn into economical as service providers are starting to fund more in the direction of cloud infrastructure. Cloud tech has made web hosting affordable and accessible to all. This has initiated mobile app development to embrace the cloud technology trend much faster. Cloud technology is the spine of mobile app development currently. Most mobile apps are incorporated with cloud tech to make storage and sharing easier.

Wearables are the chic trend; in today's scenario, every 6 in 10 has a wearable tech sealed on them from your classrooms, gyms, and workplaces. Counting from smart watches to earphones, the arena for development has been excellent, and the alleviation of the usefulness of these wearables has been a sensation for their consolidated ease of use. The wearable industry is a wide industry that is valued billions, and it is safe to say that the wearable trend is right up there with the top mobile app development trends right now.

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