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When it comes to something really precious, anyone would want to keep it same.
In the world of business, your information and data are the most precious assets. To keep your information safe, there are certain security measurements which are required in terms of network security, data security and access control authentication. Any authentication can be determined only through software which can help you in identity and access management or control. The basic concept of CodeTru Access Management Solution is based upon limiting privileged and necessary access to only authenticated team members.

Access Control – A Key Component of Data Security

All the high-profile data breaching cases found in different industries, most of them were caused by compromised privileged access and credentials. At CodeTru, our aim is to give organizations a significant control over their assets in managing and monitoring privileged access to their data. Access Management Systems is a methodology that helps guarantee that user authentication (who they say they are) and that they (users/employee) have the appropriate access to company data. It helps in selective restriction of access to data which includes two key components of data safety – authentication and authorization.

Protection & Support

for the sensitive / personal data safety

Cost reduction

through centralized identity management for all

Strong authentication

methods specified and required


for your users, your employees and the team

Security of access management

as a result of application workflows & access certification

Why to manage or control access?

Authenticate to protect

Authentication protects business from data-breaching

Centralized system to eliminate effort

Centralized identity & access management solution minimize both human effort and error

CodeTru Access Management Solution – Mitigate the risk factor!

How to ensure authentication of a user or who can access your company’s data? Under which circumstances denial of access should happen? With the growing complexity of business structures and the increasing number of applications used at companies, verifying accountability and identity becomes time-consuming and complicated. The centralized Access Management Solution, hosted by CodeTru, has helped enterprises mitigate this risk and minimize effort. This continuation is to bring a positive change in data security system.

Centralized authentication & authorization

Verifying identity before sharing or disclosing any information is very important in an access management system. This feature helps you validate user authentication & authorization by enabling data aggregation of all user related services.

Role-based Access Control & Management

Any valuable data should be accessed by limited people from responsible team to avoid confusion and breaching. This feature in codeTru Access Management System simplifies user management based on their job roles and ensures high flexibility by aggregating permissions from different applications.

Identity Control Lifecycle

With the changing picture of the business world in digital transformations, most of the processes are managed through automated tools which definitely seek access to precious data. This fact increases the risk as well. Identity Control or Management can help manage user identities and ensures appropriate persons have access to the required resources at specific times and for specific reasons.

Integrated Accountability

This feature helps you enable access to systems and resources across the entire enterprise based on the appropriate level of user permissions, responsibilities and requirements. It helps limit the access to a particular team or department.


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