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Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud 2 Features

  April 28, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly

  Virtual Servers, AWS cloud, Storage.

Scalable Computing Capacity
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) forms a central part of's cloud-computing...

Some Fabulous Features of Blockchain Technology that you should know

  April 20, 2020      Hemanth macha

 Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency

Cannot be corrupted
The best and top feature of block chain is its “Immutability”. This means that this...

Cloud Computing- A Brief Walkthrough

  April 22, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly

  Cloud Computing, Computing Services, Servers

With its footsteps in the 1960’s and 1970’s the concept of cloud computing has evolved through years and experiments...

Apache Hadoop for Big Data.

  April 27, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly

  Hadoop, Apache Open source framework,

The Challenge
In today's digitally driven world, every organization needs to make sense of data on an ongoing basis. Hadoop.....

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  April 28, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Programming with AI , Gaming , Speech Recognition , Intelligent Robots, Handwriting Recognition.

The challenge
The intelligence that is not natural or human and is derived is known as Artificial. With the Invention of computers and machines their capability to perform various tasks started growing exponentially. Humans with such a short span of time are well ahead of time with the development of the various....

Best Data Visualization Tools

  April 27, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly

  Data Visualization, Outliers, Charts, Patterns

The Challenge
Data visualization refers to techniques used to communicate insights from data through visual representation. Its main goal is to distill large datasets into visual. . Only the inputs in this case, are millions of rows of data of all types coming...

Sentiment Analysis

  April 29, 2020      Maahesh Chakpelly

  Interpretation , Opinion Mining, emotion AI.

The Challenge
The process of analyzing a text and identifying the opinion in the text those are subjective and classifying them as positive, Negative or Neutral is known as Sentimental Analysis.To understand it in detail let’s take an example.....

Top Robotic Process Automation RPA Tools

  April 29, 2020      Pavan Kumar

 Automating, Process Efficiencies, Bitcoin, UiPath , Automation Anywhere.

The Challenge
One of the ‘future technologies already in use, only improving now to reach interactional capability in live business situation using artificial intelligence and networks, which is primarily used to automate...

Natural Language Toolkit

  April 28, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly

  Natural Language Processing, Prototyping, Tokenization, Parsing, Classification, Stemming , Tagging and Semantic Reasoning.

Easy to Use Interfaces
The vital aspect of NLTK is it is absolutely free and is a community driven open source project. This tool kit is known to be a perfect companion for all engineer students, linguist enthusiast, educationist, Researchers and also to some industry users.......

Know a bit more about 5G Technology

  April 28, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    5G technology , 5G , cellular networks , Mobile technology, 5G network.

The challenge
The technological advancement in the mobile and wireless industry in the past 15 years has been splendid. The growth in this sector is so exponential that many mobiles have WLAN adapter With the momentum of the innovation that can ......

Data Mining techniques of Big Data

  July 09, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Data Mining , data analysis , patterns , Big data, statistical techniques.

The challenge
As the businesses, governments, and society tries to understand and organize how collective needs and behavior work themselves out in real life, Data has proven to be best for studying patterns.......

CodeIgniter Framework

  July 09, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Benefits of Code Igniter , PHP framework , Powerful Performance- Codeigniter.

The challenge
Before we know the Difference between Codeigniter 3 and Codeigniter 4 let’s have a little back ground of what Code Igniter actually is and also look at their uses. Code Igniter is basically... .......

An Introduction to Face Recognition Technology.

  July 09, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Face Recognition , high accuracy , False Rejection Rate , Face Recognition Framework, Quality and Availability of Face Datasets.

The challenge
The Worldwide Web has evolved over the last few years and connectivity is at its best in our times. We all are connected to this worldwide network and life seems to be on our fingertips so to speak. The digital world on one hand has been great, but on the other hand, there exist several loopholes that can very well be exploited by the digital thieves. There’s the danger of security breaches, computer break ins, credit card frauds, and other such damage to personal information of an organization or individual......


  July 20, 2020      Srimanth Macha    Angular , Front-end framework, Desktop web applications , Typescript, client-side routing.

The challenge
Angular is a front-end framework used to design and bring together functionalities of advanced codes into creating the most advanced and competent single-page applications on the web.....

Business Intelligence: Make Data Driven Decisions

  July 20, 2020      Srimanth Macha    Business intelligence , business process, Mobile BI , Online Analytical Processing, BI Programs Process.

The challenge
Technology is driving our lives today and from the phones in hands to sophisticated computing technology out there, digitalization has taken over the world by storm so to speak Business intelligence or BI refers to practices.......

IoT Overview: Digital Transformation Made Easy

  July 20, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    IoT (Internet of Things) , Advantages of IoT , Data Accuracy .

The challenge
It is estimated that by 2025, the impact of IoT (Internet of Things) devices to the global economy will be more than $11 trillion. Some industry With such a massive share in the global economy., IoT is definitely getting a special place in digital transformation. On a technology side........

How Does the Internet Work?

  July 21, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    SMTP , Creating a Custom Protocol , Exploring the World Wide Web.

The challenge
A world on our fingertips! Yes, this is what the internet has done for us. But how exactly does it work? We’d like to shed some light on this amazing technology that has boggled many over the years.


  July 21, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Digital Process Automation , AppWorks Gateway , AppWorks Clients .

The challenge
OpenText, The Information Company™, claims to enable businesses to gain insight through advanced information management solutions...

Linear Regression- The Statical Data Analysis technique that you should

  August 04, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    Regression , Linear Regression , The Statical Data Analysis technique.

The challenge
Regression, as the term implies, is the statistical technique where the path of greatest representation is chosen, and it is explained why...

The most common things that you should know about Software Testing

  August 04, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    Software Testing , Different Levels of Software Testing , Benefits of Software Testing and why is it so important.

The challenge
Anything that is built for a purpose needs to be tested for its effective functionality that the product or service or offers. This is how a industry creates products .....


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