Guide to select the right Mobile App Stack

  Jan 03, 2023      Mukesh Appana    mobile development, flutter, android stack ios development

The challenge
To build a powerful mobile application, you need to use a technology stack that supports your vision and gives your users an amazing experience. A tech stack is the combination of software....

On-premise Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

  Dec 27, 2022      Mukesh Appana    Cloud Services, On-premise Hosting, Cloud Computing Services Cloud Service Providers

The challenge
Choosing between on-premise and cloud hosting is a tough task for enterprises forward to handling their data. We cannot just prefer anyone since on-premise....

5 Effective React Libraries for Seamless Development

  Dec 13, 2022      Rohith Raj    web app development, react js, custom software development

The challenge
React is a ground-breaking JavaScript Framework that allows you to develop User Interfaces for web app development and mobile app development. However, react concentrates only...

Overview Of RPA

  Nov 30, 2022      Punna Madhu    Cloud migration, Cloud computing, AWS migration

The challenge
No matter what industry you are in, today’s consumers expect things to happen faster than anything. With the fractional rate of technological improvements driving the speed of service, this trend will barely diminish..

5 Savior Tips to Hanlde AWS Migration Journey Challenges

  Nov 22, 2022      Punna Madhu    Cloud migration, Cloud computing, AWS migration

The challenge
Among all the cloud storage systems available in the market, AWS is swiftly transforming to be a global choice for those looking...

Top reasons why your website isn't attracting the right customers?

  October 27, 2022      Latha Shreedhar    Top Reasons, Why your Website, Not Attracting Customers

The challenge
Did you ever thought despite having an impressive design and content, why is your website is being unsuccessful in attracting customers? Although you follow...

How to protect your Website from Hackers?

  October 04, 2022      Nithin    web app developmente, Web security, website protection

The challenge
It is important to comprehend how to protect your website from hackers. But, before you hop in, it is equally or maybe a bit more prominent for you to understand....

Why you should Redesign your Website?

  September 13, 2022      Nithin    Redesign, Website Development, Why Redesign Website

The challenge
To re-design a website, there are multiple reasons from distinctive corners to benefit the website from different perspectives like lead generation, traffic...

Most secure framework between Django VS Laravel?

  September 05, 2022      Chaithanya    Django, Laravel, Django Vs Laravel

The challenge
As the world of software is transforming with each passing day, in fact for every moment, most businesses, product-based companies, and service-based companies...

How to improve Web Development Process

  August 22, 2022      Karthik    Web Development, Web Development Company, Web Application Development

The challenge
In anything we do, if there's anything that matters more than anything it would be Productivity, and Web development is no exception. It doesn't matter if...

Benefits of Web Development

  August 11, 2022      Pavan    Web Development, Web Development Company, Web Application Development

The challenge
The Internet is considered to be the most beneficial invention of the current world and, most people consider it as an infinite source of data, efficient for delivering the befitting solution with a couple of clicks..

Differences Between JavaScript and PHP?

  August 05, 2022      Vrishen Sai    Java Web Development, Php Web Development, Java Application Development India

The challenge
Withstanding the fact that JavaScript and PHP are the most popular programming languages in the programming world used for web app development. Considering their respective prominent characteristics and..

Five Reasons to Prefer Flutter for Cross Platform Mobile App

  August 02, 2022      Latha Shreedhar    Flutter App Development, Mobile Application Development, Mobile App Development Company

The challenge
Withstanding the fact that, in this constantly evolving digital arena, an inexhaustible number of devices are manoeuvring on .....................

Benefits of Responsive Web Development Services

  July 15, 2022      Adithya    Responsive Web Design, Web Application Development, Web Development Services

The challenge
Responsive web development services is the call of the day as it renders a top-rated user experience across multiple devices irrespective of their dimensions. In detail, a responsive web design .....................

Top Trending Tools & Technologies in App Development (IOS and Android)

  July 12, 2022      Nithin    iOS app development, Android app development, Mobile app development

The challenge
Over the last two decades, the revolution of mobile apps has transformed the human way of living to a whole new level, and surprisingly, this process of levelling up is continuing .....................

What are the best sources to learn about mobile app development to start a career?

  June 15, 2022      Prapoorn    iOS app development, Android app development, Mobile app development

The challenge
As the world of technology is being transformed enormously with each passing day, the market for app developers who can innovatively design, develop, and uphold mobile applications to grow.....................

How to Transmute an iOS App to an Android App?

  June 06, 2022      Ratna Maruthi    iOS app development, Android app development, Objective C

The challenge
Withstanding the fact that iOS and android both are prevalent among smartphone users and if you have to pick one, it becomes tricky. Before we jump into the grounds for converting an iOS app to an Android app, let us initially....................

Why is iOS app development more expensive than Android App Development?

  June 02, 2022      Devi    iOS app development, Mobile app development, Android app development

The challenge
Codetru, a well-established and recognised IT firm offers optimum standard mobile app development services on both iOS and android arenas. We render end-to-end iOS app development ....................

A Brief Exposition of Blazor and its ground-breaking Features

  May 10, 2022      Adithya    ASP.Net Microsoft, Client-side blazor, Server-side blazor

The challenge
Blazor is a free open-source and cross-platform experimental framework developed by ASP.Net Microsoft that brings C# in any browser without any plug-in...................

What Makes Cassandra A Pioneer? - A Brief Walkthrough.

  April 27, 2022      Prashanth Patlolla    NoSQL Database, Apache Incubator, Budget-Friendly & Low Maintenance

The challenge
Cassandra is an extremely modular, high-execution distributed database developed to address considerable amounts of data across multiple commodity servers, furnishing ..................

Things to Know About Anaplan – Web-Based Enterprise Platform

  March 15, 2022      Pavan    Embedded Intelligence, Highly Extensible Ecosystem, Dynamic Planning

The challenge
Anaplan, which came from a combination of two words “analysis” and “planning,” is a comprehensive and robust organizational planning platform. It helps large organizations in making important,.................

Top Tech Trends To Shape Your Career In 2022

  March 14, 2022      Manas    Trending Technologies, Information, Market Research

The challenge
Today, improvements in hardware and software development, data analysis needs, internet connectivity and communication, security considerations, medical emergencies, etc., all together have inspired the demand for the latest technology trends.................

A Short Guide on MongoDB (NoSQL) Database

  March 3, 2022      Punna Madhu    NoSQL database, Scale Further, Multi-Colud Application

The challenge
MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database, an open-source document-oriented database used for high volume data storage. This NoSQL database stores data in BSON format – a binary encoding JSON that stores data in key-value pairs................

What is PostgreSQL? What is it Used For?

  January 24, 2022      Naganjaneyulu    Amazon Web Services, Database Systems, RDBMS

The challenge
PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced relational database systems fully supported and managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It handles both SQL (relational) and JSON (non-relational) queries. With a strong presence ..............

Can We Use Flutter for Web Application Development?

  January 12, 2022      Raju    Open-Source SDK, Flutter for Web, Code Reuse

The challenge
What most of us know is that Flutter is a cross-platform mobile application development toolkit that helps in building beautiful apps from scratch. Does this mean that Flutter can be used only for developing mobile apps? ..............

Which is a better PHP framework for your next Web Application - CodeIgniter or Laravel?

  January 7, 2022      Sukanya    PHP Framework, CodeIgniter, Laravel

The challenge
CodeIgniter and Laravel are the two most popular PHP frameworks which are precisely why PHP is still relevant for developing web applications. ..............

8 Most Popular Python Data Visualization Libraries

  December 31, 2021      Mahammad Ayaz    Data Visualization Libraries, Data Analysis, Data Science

The challenge
Python is a scientific programming language used extensively for data science, data analysis, and visualizing the data. While we can also visualize the data and perform EDA (exploratory data analysis) with Tableau or Power BI, ..............

What Is React.js? Why Should You Use It For Web Development?

  December 29, 2021      Vinay    Web Application, JavaScript frameworks, Frontend Development

The challenge
React is one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries used to develop the frontend of a web application. Popularly referred to as ReactJS, React.js, or simply React, ..............

React Native Vs Xamarin: Is React Native Better than Xamarin or the Other Way Round?

  December 24, 2021      Srinivas    Mobile Technology, Open Source, App Development

The challenge
Mobile applications have brought a major shift in the way businesses function. With the users’ intent to gain information on the go, mobile applications are gaining traction more than ever..............

PHP Vs Java - Which is a Better Server-Side Language?

  December 21, 2021      Prashanth    Server-Side Language, PHP and Java, Easy to Learn

The challenge
In the field of software development, with the constant evolution of new programming languages, there is always this question of which is the best among all. .............

Why is CodeIgniter The Best PHP Framework For Your Next Web Application?

  December 16, 2021      Srimanth Macha    Php Framework, Web Applications, Lesser Coding

The challenge
Despite many server-side technologies like Java, .NET, Golang, Node.js competing head-on with PHP, the latter continues to be the most adopted backend language .............

What are the Key Differences Between Frames and JFrames in Java

  December 14, 2021      Hemanth    Frames and Jframes, AWT and Swing, Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The challenge
Technically speaking, Frame is an AWT component and the JFrame is a Java Swing component. But does it have any difference in rendering or functionalities? Seemingly, there is no difference between .............

Was Redux Over-Hyped? Is React Redux Still Relevant in 2021?

  December 09, 2021      Saiteja Puppala    Front-End Application, Context API and React Hooks, Cascading Network Communication

The challenge
React indeed was an instant hit with its component-based UI development. It enabled even complex UX to be divided into simpler components. ............

How to Choose the Best Node.js Framework For Your Web Application?

  December 07, 2021      Manikanta    Full-Stack Application, REST API, Framework for Web Application

The challenge
The context is everything. If you are not clear on the requirement and identify the wrong framework then you will find yourself swimming upstream. ............

What are Azure Cloud Services? Benefits of Building and Migrating .NET Applications to Microsoft Azure.

  December 02, 2021      Naganjaneyulu    Cloud Services, .NET Application, Microsoft Azure

The challenge
Before we understand the benefits of Microsoft Azure, let’s see why we need cloud computing and what is cloud computing? Let’s begin with an example ............

Is Native Android App Development with Java Obsolete in 2021?

  November 30, 2021      Prapoorn    App Development, Java or Kotlin, Native Android

The challenge
Over 70% of the devices run on Android as of July 2021. And do you know how often we check our smartphones? A staggering 86 times on an average per day. Why do we check back our smartphones............

What Makes Python Programming Language The Top Choice For Data Scientists?

  November 22, 2021      Vinay Kumar    Open-Source, Data Science, Exploratory Data Analysis

The challenge
There are over 250 computer programming languages in the world. And on top of it, there are frameworks and libraries to add further to them. Then why is Python the programming language of choice . ...........

What is Better - Angular or AngularJS? Why?

  November 16, 2021      Bhaskaran    front-end UI, sourced by Google, (MVC) Architecture

The challenge
First off, let’s clear the misconception about the way both the frameworks are referred to. Although Angular and AngularJS names are used interchangeably, they are not the same at all. They share a common name just because both frameworks . ...........

Where Can We Use Swift Programming Language Other Than iOS App Development?

  November 01, 2021      Maruthi    Swift Android Compiler, multi-platform programming language,

The challenge
For starters, it is only fair to say that Swift is a general-purpose programming language that is primarily meant for iOS development. But, does Swift programming language have any ..........

Why is Laravel Framework A Top Choice for PHP Web Development?

  October 21, 2021      Prashanth Reddy    Framework, PHP-based, Architecture

The challenge
Although there is no dearth of PHP-based frameworks, Laravel continues to be the number one framework for web development. Right off the top of the head, we can name PHP frameworks ..........

What Is AWS CodePipeline? What Can I Do With It?

  October 14, 2021      Naganjaneyulu    AWS CodePipeline, UAT, Automated Process

The challenge
Developing software and deploying it are two sides of a coin. Be it in a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment or production, the developers enter a tedious phase while moving from development to testing and finally to deployment. .........

What is Express.js? What is the Purpose of Using it with Node.js?

  October 11, 2021      Puppala Sai Teja    Open-Source Framework for Node.js, Express.js framework

The challenge
If you are familiar with the name Node.js, the runtime environment for JavaScript, then eight out of ten times you might have heard of Express.js as well. Express.js is essentially a free, .........

What is Node.js? What are the Best Projects for Node.js?

  October 04, 2021      Madhu    Runtime Environment, JavaScript-based, Node Package Manager

The challenge
Node.js is beating all odds to become the most popular platform for developing sever-level applications in recent times. Just so you missed the cue, we referred to Node.js as a platform and not a language, tool, or framework. So what exactly is Node.js? .........

Top 10 Reasons that Make CodeIgniter A Popular PHP Framework

  September 22, 2021      Saiteja    PHP framework, Codeigniter, SEO-friendly

The challenge
For those in server-side web development, CodeIgniter needs no introduction. However, this blog targets that part of the audience who are not well-versed with the technical aspects of .........

Is Swift Programming Language Ideal for iOS Applications?

  September 15, 2021      Hemanth    Swift iOS, Swift Programming Language, Coding Swift

The challenge
Swift language is voted as the ‘most loved technology’ according to the 2015 StackOverflow survey. And there is every reason to be. Introduced in 2014 by Apple to rival against one of .........

What Makes PHP One of the Preferred Backend Languages for Web Development?

  September 13, 2021      Prashanth    PHP Programmer, Programming Languages, Backend Languages for Web Development

The challenge
There are programming language sharks out there like Python, Java, Go, and a couple of more. And PHP is one of those top seven or eight backend languages. Yet, 80% of the time PHP.........

Advantages of Using Kotlin for Android Development

  September 08, 2021      Srinivas    Android app development, Null Pointer Exceptions, Expressive and Concise

The challenge
Kotlin is a one-stop programming language for all applications development. It could be all of these - a language for developing multi-platform mobile applications, a server-side language,for web frontending, and last but not the least, a modern touch .........

Why use Redux with React for Front-End Web Development?

  September 02, 2021      Srimanth Macha    Front-End Web Development, React Redux, predictable state container

The challenge
Redux could be anything from a library to a state management tool. However, to simplify matters, we can say that Redux is a JavaScript framework for state management. So, what is state management?.......

How can Flutter Help in Mobile Apps Development?

  August 30, 2021      Lakshmi Manda    Mobile Apps Development, Widgets Support, Framework

The challenge
Flutter enables quicker native interface development within minutes with the help of rich customizable widgets and its Hot Reload feature. Building fully customizable UIs with quick debugging and rapid rendering of changes are a few of its takeaways......

The Role of Machine Learning in Digital Transformation

  August 23, 2021      Vrishen Sai Pillarisetty    Image Recognition, Healthcare Industry, Predictive Analysis

The challenge
There are tons of explanations of machine learning out there...we’re going to make it simple and easy to understand in a business context. Machine learning is a method of data analytics used to automate analytical model building. It stems from artificial.....

Radial Basis Function Network

  November 25, 2020      Pavan Kumar Bhamidipati    KEEL, MATLAB, NETLAB

The challenge
As we have progressed through the technological world, biological functions are being mimicked into the technological arena. One such venture is the artificial intelligence area, the basis of which is the artificial neural network.This is the mimicry of biological neural structure....

Feed Forward Neural Network Systems – the Artificial Neuron

  November 19, 2020      Nagesh Narle    Marketing and sales, Predictive functions, Health and medicine

The challenge
The world is moving fast with a lot of automation happening around. We have all at one point of time wondered how our Google searches are reflected in our YouTube video recommendations, LinkedIn job recommendations, Facebook post suggestions and so on.....

Laravel: Top Reasons To Choose It for Your Next Project

  November 10, 2020     Prashanth Reddy Patlolla    A Secured Framework, Ease of Integration, Middleware Feature

The challenge
Hello’re here to find out whether or not Laravel is the right choice for you. Let us start with saying is indeed the right choice! Now let’s delve a little deeper and identify a little more Laravel and why you should choose it for your next development project.Well, every business needs web applications......

Technologies to Help You Start Business During COVID-19

  November 05, 2020      Vrishen Sai Pillarisetty    Cloud Computing anyone?, Building Business in Blocks, How About a Little Augmentation?

The challenge
Almost everybody is talking about COVID-19 and all the losses that it incurred and will incur on the global economy. How about you? Did you feel the brunt as well? Did you feel that there’s more you can do...or start a business during this time? Not a bad idea......

Key Elements of Machine Learning

  October 30, 2020      Krishna Injeti    Representation, Evaluation, Optimization

The challenge
Machine learning gives computers the power to automatically learn and improve from experiences. Machine learning elevates computers’ ability in that, it helps it discover how they can perform tasks, even when they are not explicitly programmed for them. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs.....

Wanna Build Modern Apps? Here’s 7 Reasons to Choose Vue.js

  October 28, 2020      Srimanth Macha    Great Scalability and Flexibility, Lot’s a Built-in Solutions, A Wide Range of Support

The challenge
It’s cliché...every business wants to, promises to, and expects to build/receive nimble and modern applications. However, it is not just about what you want but how exactly do you get there?Well, in this article we will expound on 7 reasons to choose.....

Work From Home: Top 8 Takeaways for CIOs

  October 20, 2020      Vrishen Sai Pillarisetty    Continuity in Operation, Empower Your Teams, Keep Health a Priority

The challenge
With the COVID-19 year 2020, CIOs across the globe spruced up their work from home policies, possibilities, and future goals at the same time. One thing that the vast majority of people understand is ‘Uncertainty’ exists in every aspect of life as during the pandemic times. CIOs have always had a mammoth task at their disposal whenever.....

A Quick Overview of ASP.Net MVC

  October 16, 2020      Hemanth Macha    Simple Operation, Integration of JavaScript, Development Driven By Test

The challenge
A competitive time requires competitive thinking. Businesses have always risen to the occasion when there is a calamity, and with the global pandemic still creating havoc, innovative solutions are all the more important. ASP.Net MVC is a cutting edge web application framework developed by Microsoft.....

Top Things to Consider in Your Android App Development

  October 14, 2020      Pavan Kumar Bhamidipati    Identify Your Goals, Know Your Market, Carefully Consider Security

The challenge
One of the primary concerns of many companies is to have their own mobile apps. Android app development is common these days given the huge demand from across the globe. There are several easy ways out there to create a mobile app but creating a strategic application.....

Can You Give a Break to Tech and Stay Healthy?

  October 13, 2020     Rajeswari Reddy   Maintain a Healthy Diet, Maintain a Proper Schedule, Have Fun with Family

The challenge
As a technology company, at Codetru we focus mainly on how technology can help industries to gain traction in these competitive times. However, in these current covid-19 times, we would like to talk about how to maintain good health. Well, good health is one of the most important assets for us as humans......

What Exactly is Edge Computing and Why Does it Matter

  October 08, 2020      Srimanth Macha    Cloud services, Edge computing, Cloud radio access network

The challenge
Edge computing is not a “Buzzword” anymore as enterprises make the best use of it during our times. It has transformed the way in which data is being processed, handled and then distributed to users across the globe. Edge computing systems are further driven by a massive growth in IOT (Internet of things) and several........

Top Trends of Virtual Reality to Look for Post COVID-19

  October 06, 2020      Vrishen Sai Pillarisetty    Use in the Entertainment Industry, VR and Shopping

The challenge
Digital technology has changed the way we live won’t you agree? Our eyes have trained to use digital much so that most things manual seem dated. Almost every day there have been new technology trends and experiences that have been introduced to our world today Virtual reality is one of the most trending technologies in our times....

Healthcare Technologies: A Bright Ray of Hope to Be Excited About

  October 01, 2020      Upender Chanda    Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain , Virtual Reality

The challenge
It’s 2020 and good healthcare may sound a joke to many people across the globe. Over a million lives lost at the time of creating this blog and it looks like the fatalities are not coming down any sooner. On one hand the situation is challenging, but there is still.......

Current Trends in Technology: Which One Do You Need in 2020?

  September 30, 2020      Krishna Injeti    Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation , IOT (Internet of Things)

The challenge
Technology has successfully transformed human past, present, and future. Living amidst the 4th Industrial Revolution is exciting but is challenging for the enterprises at the same time.....

Data Analytics: Top 10 Benefits Driving Positive Business Outcome

  September 28, 2020      Hemanth Macha    Achieve Customer Satisfaction, Decision Making Spot on , Appropriate Digital Transformation

The challenge
Digital transformation of businesses has given the right momentum for a tech-driven world. Understanding a customer's journey has become easier with the help of technology.....

Top 9 Benefits of Using Chatbots in Your Business

  September 24, 2020      Satishkumar Bodakunti    Great Customer Service, Flexibility in Business, Reduced Human Errors

The challenge
It’s 2020 and the global pandemic has shaken and stirred businesses across the globe. With travelling restrictions in place across the world, we experienced firsthand the benefits of having a digital first strategy in almost every sphere of life. Social media and messaging apps rule the market and according to experts, around 89% of enterprises.....

Data Science: A Key Enabler in Digital Transformation

  September 22, 2020      Pavan Kumar Bhamidipati    Data Science Gives Visibility, Data Science is a Dynamic Industry , digital transformation journey

The challenge
There’s tons of structured and unstructured data being generated across the globe every day. With the wave of digital transformation hitting technology industries, it is crucial to convert this data into actionable insights. This is where data science comes into the picture........

Top Reasons to Choose R Programming For Your Next Project

  September 22, 2020      Pavan Kumar Bhamidipati    R Programming is Open Source, Wide Range of Packages

The challenge
Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman created R programming in the 90s and from then on the programmers have made the best use of it as an efficient statistical platform in data cleaning, data handling, analysis and representational. Down to this day......

Big Data Analytics For Beginners

  September 07, 2020      Srimanth Macha    Big Data , CRM systems , social media , mobile data , high technology systems.

The challenge
Big Data looks like streams of abstract information to many people which is gathered from internal and external sources like CRM systems, customer contact billing, market research, social media, mobile data and more together. This data must surely be able to deliver value for both the company and the customer through.......

The 5 W’s of Automated Testing (What, When, Why, Which, and How much?)

  September 03, 2020      Srimanth Macha    automated testing , Automator , Black Box Testing.

The challenge
Automation Testing or Test Automation is the natural evolution and the long await solution the pitfall ridden manual testing. As the name suggests, Manual Testing is a type of software testing, performed by a human sitting on a computer carefully executing....

Working in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? Here’s Top Reasons to Use Python

  September 07, 2020      Srimanth Macha    Multiple libraries and Frameworks , Artificial Intelligence.

The challenge
Who would’ve thought that machines will fix appointments, suggest songs, and decide the best route...basically add ease and efficiency in our lives. You guessed it correct, machine learning and artificial intelligence is what will drive the present towards a more efficient......

Here’s 8 Reasons to Use PHP in Your Web Development

  August 31, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    php , Open Source , web development , Scalable , Performance.

The challenge
0.5 second is all that your users need to either keep browsing or click on X and close your website. Statistics show that over $2.6 billion business was lost due to slow loading and underperforming websites. We all know the importance of a digital presence today and a critical role that a website plays to accomplish this......

A Quick Overview of What is Rest API and Best Practices

  September 03, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    Rest API , HTTP , JSON, Handling Error.

The challenge
Acronym Rest means Representational State Transfer. If you are a professional working in or around web service technology you would have definitely heard of Rest and its various applications. Rest APIs allow clients such as browser apps to communicate with the servers. Rest gives the flexibility because it is not tied into any methods.......

Everything That You Need To Know About The Concept Of Deep Learning

  September 07, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    Deep Learning , Deep learning , machine learning.

The challenge
Have you ever wondered how Google Translates a whole webpage to a special language in a few seconds or your phone gallery groups images supported by their location? All of this is a product of deep learning. But what exactly is deep learning? A subset of machine learning.....

How Does the Internet Work?

  July 21, 2020     Nagaraju Chaganti    SMTP , Creating a Custom Protocol , Exploring the World Wide Web.

The challenge
The world around us is buzzing with digital technology. Whether we are using a simple mobile application or sophisticated computer software, internet connection is crucial for efficient functioning. Many understand how the internet works but there are still some that would like to know at least the underlying infrastructure and technology used in the internet.......


  July 21, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Digital Process Automation , AppWorks Gateway , AppWorks Clients .

The challenge
OpenText, The Information Company™, claims to enable businesses to gain insight through advanced information management solutions, both in the cloud and on-premise. AppWorks is a single platform for low-code application development, process automation......

Linear Regression- The Statical Data Analysis technique that you should

  August 04, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    Regression , Linear Regression , The Statical Data Analysis technique.

The challenge
Regression, as the term implies, is the statistical technique where the path of greatest representation is chosen, and it is explained why a certain behaviour or outcome happened. To put simply, if you want to predict future action based on the data......

The most common things that you should know about Software Testing

  August 04, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    Software Testing , Different Levels of Software Testing , Benefits of Software Testing and why is it so important.

The challenge
Anything that is built for a purpose needs to be tested for its effective functionality that the product or service or offers. This is how a industry creates products .....


  August 17, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    Analysis , Planning , Performance Management, finance,

The challenge
Anaplan, whose business as is evident in the name is a combination of "analysis" and "planning, is a web-based enterprise platform for business planning.


  August 17, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    MachineLearning , learnings , Unsupervised learning .

The challenge
hine learning is an application that gives systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experiences. It involves computers discovering how they can perform tasks without being explicitly programmed to do so. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data....


  August 18, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    Transformations, , Accelerated change , Digital Transformation , Business process.

The challenge
Digital Transformation is reimagining of business and all process related to it in the digital age is Digital Transformation. At its heart, digital transformation is about a quantum leap in transforming processes that were manual or old tech to digital processes enabled by the latest advances in technology.s....

Get to know how to REACT more than just as a framework

  August 18, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    react , Framework , web development , Javascript framework, Single Page Application’ .

The challenge
React is a breakthrough application in terms of web development from the time it’s been launched in the year 2013. It has changed the perspective on how web development applications are made with their daring advances in the domain. After the release.....

A Brief Overview of Node.js: The What, Why and How

  August 26, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    nodejs , web appdevelopment , mobileapps , npm, chatting Application’ .

The challenge
Digital disruption has been pushing businesses ahead in the race to achieve success. Among the many technological advances that have helped enterprises emerge, web development has also played a critical role. A well planned and spanned our web development helps businesses.....

Lead Management System Bancassurance

  April 23, 2020      Pavan Kumar    Sales, Insurance time-consuming ,

The challenge
In this Competitive world, you just can’t afford to lose on any of your customers. Periodic follow-ups are always tedious and time-consuming. However, having said that it is vital to have regular follow-ups with your potential customers. Our client who is one of the giant names in the insurance sector was looking.........

Best Data Visualization Tools

  April 27, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Outliers, Charts, Patterns ,

The challenge
A tool designed specifically to create visualization which are highly customized to the very last details, pre and post production, having links and compatibility with all kinds of data sources and then to be able to bring them all together or one large but a revealing and insightful narrative. So, for the audience to understand, the intention of the presenter, the one that imagines the story.....

Cloud Computing

  April 22, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Cloud Computing, Computing Services , Servers

The challenge
With its footsteps in the 1960’s and 1970’s the concept of cloud computing has evolved through years and experiments. From concept of time-sharing to Virtual Private Network.With its footsteps in the 1960’s and 1970’s the concept of cloud computing has evolved through years and experiments........

Some Simple yet Fabulous Features of Blockchain Technology

  April 20, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin , Cryptocurrency

The challenge
The best and top feature of blockchain is its “Immutability”. This means that this disruptive technology cannot be changed and this ability is undoubtedly the trump card of block chain. Questions may arise on how is this technology so robust and futile for manipulation.......

Apache Hadoop for Big Data.

  April 27, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Hadoop, Apache Open source framework, , Big Data

The challenge
When we talk about data and storage then one has to definitely mention about Apache Hadoop. Apache Hadoop is an open software framework or a complete solution for big data storage. It deals with complexities of high volume, velocity and variety of data. It is storage and large scale processing of data-sets on clusters of commodity hardware.....

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Features

  April 28, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    AWS cloud, Storage , Cloud Features

The challenge
Amazon EC2 offers an imaginary computing space that allows a user to use the web service interface according to his needs. This functionality enables users with many operating system options with customized application environment to help manage network’s access permissions run the image using many systems of their choice.....

Natural Language Toolkit

  April 28, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Natural Language Processing, Tokenization , Stemming

The challenge
All those python programs that are built to work with human language data is prepared on a platform which is collectively called as Natural Language Toolkit. Providing user friendly interface to over 50 corpora and database of several dictionaries. Word Net is one such example for this which comprises of a suite of text processing......

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  April 28, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Programming with AI , Gaming , Speech Recognition , Sentiment Intelligent Robots, Handwriting Recognition.

The challenge
The intelligence that is not natural or human and is derived is known as Artificial. With the Invention of computers and machines their capability to perform various tasks started growing exponentially. Humans with such a short span of time are well ahead of time with.....

Know a bit more about 5G Technology

  April 28, 2020     Upender Chanda    5G technology , 5G , cellular networks , Mobile technology, 5G network.

The challenge
The technological advancement in the mobile and wireless industry in the past 15 years has been splendid. The growth in this sector is so exponential that many mobiles have WLAN adapter. With the momentum of the innovation that is going on, in the near future there might be mobile phones with WiMAX adapter...

Sentiment Analysis

  April 29, 2020      Maahesh Chakpelly    Interpretation, Opinion Mining , emotion AI.

The challenge
The process of analyzing a text and identifying the opinion in the text those are subjective and classifying them as positive, Negative or Neutral is known as Sentimental Analysis. To understand it in detail let’s take an example where you tend to receive a lot of text. This is in the form of online reviews of your products.....

Top Robotic Process Automation RPA Tools

  April 29, 2020      Pavan Kumar    Automating, Process Efficiencies , Bitcoin, Automation Anywhere.

The challenge
One of the ‘future technologies already in use, only improving now to reach interactional capability in live business situation using artificial intelligence and networks, which is primarily used to automate business processes as far as possible providing the consumer a seamless experience of the business......

Data Mining techniques of Big Data

  July 09, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Data Mining , data analysis , patterns , Big data.

The challenge
AAs the businesses, governments, and society tries to understand and organize how collective needs and behavior work themselves out in real life, Data has proven to be best for studying patterns to be able to predict needs and behavior with a certain degree of accuracy and predicting time or patterns to come in the future.....

CodeIgniter Framework

  July 09, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Benefits of Code Igniter , PHP framework , Powerful Performance- Codeigniter.

The challenge
Before we know the Difference between Codeigniter 3 and Codeigniter 4 let’s have a little back ground of what Code Igniter actually is and also look at their uses. Code Igniter is basically an open- source software that is backed with a powerful PHP framework that has a footprint of minimal impression. This framework is said to be beneficial for web developers....

An Introduction to Face Recognition Technology.

  July 09, 2020      Mahesh Chakpelly    Face Recognition , high accuracy , False Rejection Rate , Face Recognition Framework, Quality and Availability of Face Datasets.

The challenge
The Worldwide Web has evolved over the last few years and connectivity is at its best in our times. We all are connected to this worldwide network and life seems to be on our fingertips so to speak.The digital world on one hand has been great, but on the other hand.......


  July 20, 2020      Srimanth Macha    Angular , Front-end framework, Desktop web applications , client-side routing.

The challenge
Angular is a front-end framework used to design and bring together functionalities of advanced codes into creating the most advanced and competent single-page applications on the web. Simply put, it allows developers to create rich internet applications using HTML.....

Business Intelligence: Make Data Driven Decisions

  July 20, 2020      Srimanth Macha    Business intelligence , business process, Mobile BI , Online Analytical Processing, BI Programs Process.

The challenge
Technology is driving our lives today and from the phones in hands to sophisticated computing technology out there, digitalization has taken over the world by storm so to speak Business intelligence or BI refers to practices,applications, and technologies....

IoT Overview: Digital Transformation Made Easy

  July 20, 2020      Srinivas Repaka    IoT (Internet of Things) , Advantages of IoT , Data Accuracy .

The challenge
It is estimated that by 2025, the impact of IoT (Internet of Things) devices to the global economy will be more than $11 trillion. Some industry experts anticipate that by 2025 there will be over 100 billion IoT devices connected across the globe. With such a massive share in the global economy....


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