Case Studies

Lead Management System Bancassurance

  April 23, 2020      Pavan Kumar    Sales, Insurance time-consuming ,

The challenge
In this Competitive world, you just can’t afford to lose on any of your customers. Periodic follow-ups are always tedious and time-consuming. However, having said that it is vital to have regular follow-ups with your potential customers. Our client who is one of the giant names in the insurance sector was looking.........


  April 23, 2020      Hemanth Macha    Corona Virus, Pandemic

The challenge
Corona Virus is causing some serious threat to mankind and in this crucial time of pandemic, people are looking to secure themselves and their families from the possible effects of corona in future. With this scenario, banks and insurance companies are collaborating to promote insurance products on their bank websites for simple and easy policy bookings which are specific to COVID-19.....

Credit Management Tool

  April 23, 2020      Hemanth Macha    Credit Case, Credit Information

The challenge
Crediting the clients can be a tedious task, which helps in the creation of policies. Our biggest insurance client was no lesser immune to this. It was really getting hard for the client to manage the credit of the agents from different certifications. They had issues in identifying the policies and maintaining an accurate track of it.....


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