Top 10 Reasons that Make CodeIgniter A Popular PHP Framework

For those in server-side web development, CodeIgniter needs no introduction. However, this blog targets that part of the audience who are not well-versed with the technical aspects of software development. PHP is one of the most adopted server-level languages for developing web applications. And CodeIgniter is the second most popular PHP framework which is a close second to the Laravel framework. Or, is it? Let’s understand the features, its functionality, key takeaways, and the drawbacks of CodeIgniter in this blog.

CodeIgniter A Popular PHP Framework
What is CodeIgniter?

What is CodeIgniter?

In simple words, CodeIgniter is a PHP MVC (model view controller) framework that helps in expediting the web application development process with the help of readily available libraries for carrying out operations like, connecting to databases, managing sessions, and many more. That’s not it. The entire CodeIgniter is a mere 2 MB framework, which means it is something that can be easily mastered.

10 Key Takeaways of CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for not just one but many reasons. Let’s see those, one after the other.

1. Petite yet vivacious

CodeIgniter comes in a small bundle yet power-packed with performance. CodeIgniter’s mere 2MB codebase, basically translates to easy deployment and updating.

2. Easy to learn

A smaller footprint of CodeIgniter makes it easy to learn.

3. Faster than the fastest

While all applications built on the latest frameworks take around one second to load, CodeIgniter-based applications are like 1000x faster with an approximate load time of fewer than 50 milliseconds.

4. Error handling is a piece of cake

CodeIgniter is a no-nonsense framework that helps in the easy detection of errors as not much can go wrong with its simple coding structure. This makes it one of the top choices for web development.

5. Unparalleled customization

CodeIgniter does it again. It is touted to be the only framework that offers unmatched customization options to the developers.

6. Strong Security

If building a secure web application is your priority, CodeIgniter doesn’t let you down on this front either. It is packed with extended security features making it ideal for developing highly secure websites meant for e-commerce as they contain payment gateways and other payment options.

7. Builds the finest UIs

CodeIgniter helps you build the finest UIs with its view architecture. Finest, how? If you are looking for the most dynamic functionality or most responsive designs for your websites, then CodeIgniter is your way to go.

8. MVC-architecture

The MVC architecture of CodeIgniter helps in the rapid and parallel development of websites apart from many other benefits like the easy-modifications-without-disturbing-the-entire model, and many more.

9. SEO-friendly website development

For the companies that majorly depend on websites for their business, CodeIgniter should be their top choice. Its clean and simple website UI development boosts the website ranking and improves the overall search engine results page (SERP) position.

10. Testing at every step

While helping the developers build the websites quickly is its forte, CodeIgniter simplifies the testing process as well. It augments the entire testing procedure and quickens the website development process through a step-by-step approach. The developers can test each phase of development for a bug-free, wholesome website.

The Downside…

CodeIgniter framework was developed to make the web development process simpler. Hence, the modern or standard style like using the autoloader feature was not updated till the CodeIgniter 4 version.

Until the before version, namespaces were used for referencing the classes/applications. Now, this is one of the sore points. The latest feature can only locate non-namespaced or namespaced classes that adhere to the required criteria. Well, for now, it is fair to say, any existing codebase that uses namespace referencing needs to be modified.

With newer updates making their way into the latest CI versions, compatibility issues still exist leaving the developers high and dry in some situations.

CodeIgniter framework for web development
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To Conclude…

CodeIgniter is an outstanding PHP framework used to build web applications that the customers simply fall in love with.

It is not just easy to use, with an ample lot of modules for building best-of-the-class web applications/ websites but it also helps in building them in a time-effective and efficient manner.

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