Corona Virus is causing some serious threat to mankind and in this crucial time of pandemic, people are looking to secure themselves and their families from the possible effects of corona in future.

With this scenario, banks and insurance companies are collaborating to promote insurance products on their bank websites for simple and easy policy bookings which are specific to COVID-19.

Our biggest insurance client came up with a requirement to implement the above- mentioned situation within record time.


The requirement was basic and straight. For the insurance and bank people, we designed a simple 3-page microsite that can be integrated into the bank’s website.

We created a banner that helped them to display all the projects information of the insurance plan including the disclaimer. It was designed in a way when anybody clicked on the book now, they would be redirected to the quote page.

The design of the quote page done by our team was in a such a way that only necessary data would be captured and required sum insured will be selected. This feature made the application user friendly and easy to access.

We designed a review page that facilitated the user to check his details and proceed forward. This means when a user wants to change anything he can go back to the quote page where all the details he filled will be present and he can change only the fields that are required. This feature made the user’s life easy and stress free.

After successful payment, the user will be redirected to the Thank You page. Where he can see his policy number and an email will be triggered automatically to the customer with the attachment of the policy. Another feature that we included is that the user can send this policy copy to any email address worldwide.

  • 100 policies were booked in an hour of the product being LIVE
  • These policies explained the necessity of this application and its user friendliness was appreciated
  • Amidst the pandemic, the business is seeing a steady growth
  • Within 2 days of business, 3 banks came up with proposals to implement this product in their domains.
  • We delivered the project in record time and we are happy that we are able to extend our support to the people in need.

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