Technologies to Help You Start Business During COVID-19

Technologies to Help You Start Business During COVID-19

Almost everybody is talking about COVID-19 and all the losses that it incurred and will incur on the global economy. How about you? Did you feel the brunt as well? Did you feel that there’s more you can do...or start a business during this time? Not a bad idea, we’d say. With so much available help and support, it is not difficult to start a business.

If you are of an entrepreneurship mindset and are thinking of starting small and then growing big with time, here are some of the technologies that we think you can use to start your business.

How About a Little Augmentation?

Augmented reality is the most trending technologies that businesses are using to attract, engage, and retain customers. It is best to show to the customers what you have rather than telling them about it. Microsoft has announced its HoloLens glasses and the magnificent benefits that it offers. As a startup business, you can use AR glasses and augment the experience of your customers by letting them see firsthand how your services will enhance or empower their business.

Although there is a lot of noise around AR, most businesses are still in catch up mode in implementing the solution fully. If you are in the starting stage, why not start up with a bang? Spend time in implementing futuristic and immersive technology that will help you target businesses/customers with personalized services.

How Does Your Marketing Look Like?

Marketing is another critical aspect that you need to take care of in the business. It is one thing to have a great product and service...and another to market it and take it to the right clientele. Make sure that you have a streamlined approach in your marketing and use the most relevant technology.

As you are starting your business, it may not be practical to go with all the paid versions of marketing software? But you can definitely give a spin to the free trial versions. Look for software that helps you with CRO [conversion rate optimization], email campaigns, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. Make the best use of what’s available for free and then move on to the next and more professional versions of tools. This way, you will be able to first test out the wide range of tools and then invest in the one that you are confident about.

Are You Organized? Get Organized!!!

It’s not just the COVID-19 that’s tossed around out routine life, but the onus is on us when it comes to planning our time. If you are planning to start a business now, it is crucial that you plan and organize your time, tasks, and routine well. This will help you not just with your work but in a longer run, it will help you implement similar strategies in the business. Tools such as Trello, Asana, Proofhub, and the likes will help you in setting up your time and manage it efficiently.

As you are working from home, it is easy to get distracted with chores, kids, wife, video games, and the list can go on. However, if you get organized and split your day into small pockets of time...there you are - well organized!

Get an Awesome Looking and Working Website

Your product and services may be the best...but how exactly do you think will your target audience know? A chick website is the key. If you have experience in web designing and writing, put on your creative hats and bring out your best business self on the website. Your website reflects you and what you stand for, and so make sure that the customer feels the same.

Your website, social media account, and landing pages are the first things that your customers will look at. Remember the phrases “First impression is the last impression.” Well, if you create a great looking and feeling website, it will certainly help you create an impact. On the other hand, if you create a sub standard interface and expect your customers to like it...not happening!

There are several options to choose from. Why not talk to Codetru? Check out the wide range of development framework that the company can help you with. It is not just the website, but a regular and constant in-flow of great quality content that will help you maximize your appeal and business reach.

Cloud Computing anyone?

Well, cloud computing is not just a buzzword anymore. We know what exactly is cloud and several benefits that are offered to businesses using cloud. Whether you opt for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), or any of the similar services, there are several benefits to it. Rather than investing thousands of dollars to get started, you can start quickly on the cloud computing platform. It is also easy to scale up and down as and when the demand goes up and down.

As someone who is just starting, it helps to get on to cloud computing that helps you with great infrastructure and interface. Rather than spending tons of money, make sure that you invest wisely in appropriate cloud services.

Cloud Computing Services

Building Business in Blocks

Most ideas fly due to persistence efforts, but there’s many others that don’t. Many make the mistake of putting tons of efforts in the beginning to make everything perfect before launching. However, as a startup or someone starting new, you may not be able to get everything perfect in one go. You need to start small and build bigger on the go.

Build building blocks one by one, take advice, research, take user opinion, and then build a product or service that is best suited for your targeted audience. This way, you will be able to launch and then progress towards success gradually. Although this approach means investing a lot of time and effort even after the launch, the end result is a constantly improving, trending and relevant product or service

Make the Best out of Lockdown

Although the world is opening up again and there are talks of vaccines to be launched next year, there’s still a lot of uncertainty around COVID. Why let this impact your decision making today when you can build for a secure future. There are several tools and support system out there, and all that you gotta do is to make the best out of it. Rather than waiting for a perfect opportunity, make the best out of the current flexibility, opportunities, and available options.

During the lockdown, there are many new business opportunities opened up globally, latch on to one of your likings and create a business that is beyond uncertainties.

Codetru Helps With the Digital Journey

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