Case Study Credit Management Tool

Credit Management Tool

The Challenge

Crediting the clients can be a tedious task, which helps in the creation of policies. Our biggest insurance client was no lesser immune to this. It was really getting hard for the client to manage the credit of the agents from different certifications. They had issues in identifying the policies and maintaining an accurate track of it.

Credit Management Tool
The Approach

At CodeTru we collaborated with the client and understood their practice to date. With the information collected and the analysis made by our expert, we decided that the team needed a robust solution.

We designed a fully automated web-based credit management application called Credit Management Tool. The tool can easily implement different user types for different certifications. It also enables policy service that helps in identification of the policies created by that particular agent Every user had its own restrictions and we were able to handle and implement those restrictions at the code level. This functionality helped to overcome the manual errors as well as fraudulent activities.

In Addition to it, we have made the user management simpler so that anybody can add new agents to the system backed with OTP authentication for resetting passwords.

We have made the application user- specific making it convenient for individuals to make all kinds of customizations by themselves with less supervision and add new functionalities and restrictions

  • With CMT application integration client manpower and financial resources to manage the credits for the agents have decreased by 50%.
  • The fraudulent activities have been 99% Restricted which has helped the company save a lot of time and money.
  • Talent is been rewarded for its efforts. Win-WIn situation for employees and the company, Happy employee, Happy Company.

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