From Information and Implementation to Intelligence – Utilize the power of Data!

Do you believe in reducing costs by identifying more efficient ways of doing business and by storing large amounts of data?
Data Science is the key! Data analytics has got its importance increased due its utilization in helping your businesses optimize their performances. By implementing data analytics into the business model, companies can help minimize cost and maximize their data storage to take decisions better. Data science (Science of Data Analytics) helps your business model analyze your customer trends and satisfaction, which can lead to new and better products and services.

It analyzes raw data and information. Its techniques are automated into mechanical processes and algorithms (AI, Progressive Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing etc.) that work over raw data, and that is to optimize these information for human consumption. Today’s competitive business world has adopted the use of data analytics, especially, industry sectors like travel and hospitality industry where turnarounds can be quick; in order to collect customer data and figure out where the problems lies and hence, fix them. On the other side of this story, while healthcare is using data analytics to combine high volumes of structured and unstructured data to make quick decisions, the retail industry uses it to meet the ever-changing demands of shoppers. Interesting part is, it can be implemented in any type of business model. Help your business reveal trends and metrics to optimize processes and increase the overall efficiency of your business or system with Data Analytics services hosted by CodeTru. Contact usto learn more about our data analytics team and customized services.

CodeTru Artificial Intelligence – Build Processes That Think: The Future of Intelligent Automation

What if you could talk to each of your users or consumers? What if your processes could learn, reason, plan, and perceive or process natural languages. With AI, this magic is possible and today this fact is known to all. Artificial Intelligence or AI is a methodology, artificial created human-like intelligence using data science. This rapidly advancing technology is already impacting how users interact with, and may soon have significant impacts on everyday lives. These traits of AI is bringing Industrial Revolution where your artificial processes can think the way your users do. From education to healthcare and from manufacturing to retail – AI is driving significant changes and immense opportunities to the business world.

Automation Process

It Allows Automation:

Help your business set up reliable systems that run frequent applications. AI allows you to automate repetitive and high volume tasks.

Data Analytics

It Is Designed To Marry The Rigour, Quality And Intelligence:

Turn conventional products into smart commodities. Combined with interactive platforms, bots and other smart machines, AI applications helps improve technologies.

Data Analytics

It Enables Progressive Learning:

Train machines to perform any desired functions with our advanced and customised AI algorithms. This algorithm works as predictors and classifiers.

Data Analytics

It Utilizes Data Analysis

Machines can learn from the data we feed them. Analysing and identifying the right set of data make it easier to train machines.

Process Change Vs Cutting-Edge Implementation – What Comes First!

business processes for automation and smart workflow
Make the most of Smart Workflow

Optimize your business processes for automation and smart workflow with recent advances in technology to manage and improve them continuously and help in task integration.

Change the risk model
Change the risk model

With the changing world it’s important to change employee behaviours toward machines. Train your team to work with machines. Incorporating machines that adapt and learn to make recommendations will reduce risk factors.

CodeTru Machine Learning – Learn Behaviour; Bring Change.

At CodeTrue, we aim at equipping machines by implementing independent learning techniques so that they don’t have to be programmed to do so. A wing of Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning devices means by which systems can automatically learn and improve from experience. From Finance to Retail – CodeTrue Machine Learning algorithm helps observe and study data or experiences to identify patterns and set up a reasoning system based on the findings in your processes.

CodeTru Machine Learning
Data Analytics for Healthcare Industry
Healthcare Industry

Machine Learning is a fast-growing trend in the healthcare industry where vital signs are continually monitored by sensors worn on the body. Machine Learning analytics helps professional capture this data or signs or information and flags anomalies and alerts treatment professionals. The technology can also help medical experts analyze data to identify symptoms to improve diagnoses.

Financial Services Industry

Two major key purpose that Banks and other businesses in the financial service industry use Machine Learning for:

  • Identifying important insights in data
  • Preventing fraudulent

This methodology helps your team identify investment opportunities. It also helps investors know when to trade. Apart from these, ML helps in identifying clients with high-risk profiles, use cyber-surveillance to pinpoint warning signs of fraud using data mining.

Data Analytics for Financial Services
Data Analytics for The Retail Industry
The Retail Industry

Machine Learning uses data analytics to personalize the shopping experience in real time. This algorithm is used in Retail to discover similarities and differences in customer data to speed up and simplify segmentation for creating targeted user base. It can even help users in getting personalized product recommendations online while adjusting pricing, coupons, and other incentives in real time.


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