Data Science: A Key Enabler in Digital Transformation

Data Science: A Key Enabler in Digital Transformation

There’s tons of structured and unstructured data being generated across the globe every day. With the wave of digital transformation hitting technology industries, it is crucial to convert this data into actionable insights. This is where data science comes into the picture.

Data science has been rapidly evolving with several new tools and technologies being implemented. There has been a great amount of change and a rather quick compared to similar other fields. Most businesses are looking at ways to implement data science in their business practices. So we decided to take on this topic and write about how data science can be used as a key enabler in your digital transformation journey.

Not Just Experience but Data Driven

This is 2020, and C-Suite realizes the immense value of taking data driven decisions in businesses. Situations revolving around the COVID-19 pandemic have given more push towards data driven decisions. Risks are unwanted in any business but they exist, evolve, and at times even are introduced in some way or another. Data driven approach helps to mitigate the risks in specific areas of business that you are looking to improve. Digital operations and strategy involve planning around the revenue, technology, productivity, efficiency, and so on. Data driven planning and strategizing helps to be progressive.

Decision making is tricky, but when combined with a data driven approach, it helps the decision maker look at vital aspects of business and then take the right one. Rather than just relying on experience, senior management does well to rely more on the existing and actionable data.

Data Science Gives Visibility

How awesome it is when you have clarity on opportunity and threats. Rather than just relying on data scientists and investing huge amounts in the initial stage of business, data science provides immense value to businesses. Data science helps businesses get a more comprehensive view of your business environment. Rather than just hoping things will be better with time, decision makers have visibility on what can happen and how to capitalize an opportunity or avoid a pitfall. A classic example of the same is having a dashboard on the screen that helps you see the customers that are more likely to buy and the ones that are not. You can understand the products that are liked and purchased most and every other important details revolving around your services and customer behavior. This helps companies to mitigate the risks and continuously evolve in their service and product offerings while understanding what exactly is the customer looking for.

Machine Learning a Driving Factor

Machine learning is a driving factor in data science, and this is especially true with the BFSI industries. When there is a huge amount of data being generated or sitting on your servers, let machine learning work on it and identify the anomalies and patterns. Machine learning can be easily programmed to work with massive chunks of data without the need to be explicit. Data science experts such as Codetru work with industries such as banking, finance, retail, and so on, to identify machine learning opportunities and then design timelines and look at areas with disruptions in the future

Machine Learning in Data Science

Although many businesses understand the importance of ML and have implemented the same in their business operations, there are still some that are behind the digital transformation journey. Machine learning is a driving factor in data science and can help your business work with massive data and give you insights that you never thought were possible. ML greatly reduces the time of getting insights from data, and this helps you take efficient and timely decisions. .

Digital Transformation a Key to Success

We all know that digital transformation is the key to success, but as an enterprise what are we doing about it? It is crucial to take the right steps today to enable and establish standard procedure for dynamic changes in the future. Technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, robotic process automation, and other such chips of the digital transformation are and will continue to drive businesses forwards.

If you are not yet on the digital journey, why not look at ways that you can start. Even if your businesses are working efficiently today without the need of the above technologies, it is vital that you look for ways in which these can help you in the future. Along with the technology, consumers are also technology savvy these days. So rather than only relying on the age-old practices, it is best to catch up with the technology and look for ways to utilize the technology in the best way possible.

Concerns Regarding Data Science

As with any other technology, there are valid concerns revolving around data science. Businesses wonder, what are the ethics around data science and who sets them? Tons of data generated from the consumers is stored with the enterprises and how you use them is not just your decision. In most cases, consumers aren’t aware as to how their data is used and whether they approve of the same. As a result, it may be challenging to implement ethical practices that do not in any way affect the privacy policy implemented by the government authorities for consumer data.

There are many new standards and norms that are being implemented and explored as we progress, but this is only for better. Rather than shying away due to the concerns regarding data science and its practices, it is beneficial for businesses to make the best use of this technology and enhance their services.

Data Science is a Dynamic Industry

It is estimated that by 2025, the global data science industry will grow to a whopping $178 Billion. Well, this means that throughout these years there will be several new additions, modifications, innovations, and new practices that will evolve. Rather than waiting on the best time and circumstances for implementing data science, get aboard the data science journey. If there are new avenues that need to be looked at and implemented in order to succeed in this highly versatile and dynamic industry.

If you are not sure about how to implement data science within your organization, why not get help from the professionals?

Piloting Data Science Globally

At Codetru, we understand how crucial is data science in the digital transformation journey and are helping businesses implement best solutions for growth, stability, and building a resilient business for the future. Working with global industries in retail, healthcare, banking, finance, automobile, etc. we understand the pulse of enterprise needs. We customize data science solutions to help you make the best of it. If you have any doubts on how data science will help you further your business goals, we will love to share our experience and insights on the same. Get in touch with us and build a strong digital future.
Piloting Data Science Globally

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