Breaking Down the Silos – Bridge The Gap Between Development & Operations

Imagine a situation where your business team is really busy in their day-to-day tasks, development team is working hard to achieve success, and operation team as usual on the top of their work.
Here comes a twist. They don’t know what the other team is doing? Or what are the different layers that the other team is going through? Seems familiar?
Here comes your saviour DevOps! Your Development and Operations team are two sides of a big pillar, each holding its own roles and responsibilities. DevOps is all about breaking this pillar of conflict between Development and Operation. CodeTru’s Customised DevOps Services encourages collaboration and effective communication throughout the product lifecycle by breaking the barrier between Dev & Ops!

Why DevOps?
Because Collaboration is Power!

While Development and Operations teams work in collaboration to minimize the effort and risk involved in releasing software, they have their limitations and boundaries with different expertise. Ensuring collaboration becomes difficult. Isn’t it so? Keeping this question in mind, DevOps services are designed to help you introduce collaboration by ensuring that the Operations team is giving constant feedback to the Development team to gain stability of the product.

Forms Cohesive Teams

Taking ownership of a task can’t be forced but can be implemented as a culture. Eliminate the wall of conflict between your teams and "not my job" syndrome with a cohesive team culture encouraged by DevOps Practices. It helps you form a strong collaboration between business, developers, testers and operations for smooth release of small and frequent changes.

devops shared objectives

Enables Shared Objectives

This set of practices enables a cultural change to remove the barrier between development and operations, where teams are exchanging updates by testing, analyzing impact, considering end-users and troubleshooting problems together. In a nutshell, Dev and Ops work cohesively towards common set of objectives.

devops Leverages Co-location Practice

Leverages Co-location Practice

Coordination between the teams often takes a lot of time and effort in arranging meetings, sending repetitive mail or even engaging in conference calls, but teamwork and sharing information is the necessity to grow your business. CodeTru’s DevOps Co-location practice is designed to help in improving collaboration between team members easily.

devops Encourages Collaboration

Encourages Collaboration

Collaboration is power and necessity for any business growth. Invest in DevOps to ensure and encourage a collaborative floor plan such as learning hubs, electronic media, and informal spaces to encourage meaningful conversations and collaboration amongst team members through different tools.

devops Optimizes Shared Tools Strategy

Optimizes Shared Tools Strategy

Customized shared tools strategy helps your teams to work as a team for development, testing, and easy deployment. Team communicates and manage common set of processes enabling continuous Integration and continuous delivery.

Implement business-driven DevOps – Quick Hacks!

devops Drive Automation
Drive Automation

Improve Execution. Save time and effort by striving towards automation.

devops Evaluate Integration
Evaluate Integration

DevOps is not a silver bullet. Make it work by aligning your business and IT goals.

CodeTru DevOps Services – Tailor-made for your business

It’s harder to break down the barriers and bridge the gap between Development and Operations Teams than saying it. A better solution is what helps you the most. The solution is always different and customized for different industries. Implementing business-driven DevOps Solution is what CodeTru helps you achieve.

CodeTru DevOps Services
devops Solving the Disconnect
Solving the Disconnect

We ensure you find easier ways to a more harmonious & effective workflow; ease the tension between development and operations; and Easy fixes that benefit your DevOps processes. We help you

  • Equalize the KPIs at development and operation levels
  • Automate testing and monitoring
  • Streamline environment
Implementing Smarter Solutions

CodeTru DevOps Solution is based on several aspects in various organizational units and teams to use a solid tooling and constantly enforce the right deployment on the right platform. Key components of our DevOps solution are:

  • Development Lifecycle Management
  • Development Services
  • Test automation and monitoring Services
  • Deployment Solutions (CI/CT/CD)
devops Implementing Smarter Solutions


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