What is Edge Computing

What Exactly is Edge Computing and Why Does it Matter

Edge computing is not a “Buzzword” anymore as enterprises make the best use of it during our times. It has transformed the way in which data is being processed, handled and then distributed to users across the globe. Edge computing systems are further driven by a massive growth in IOT (Internet of things) and several new applications that require real time computers. Digital transformation is pushing enterprises towards the edge so to speak when it comes to implementing edge computing within their environment.

What Exactly is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is very well defined by Gartner. Edge computing is defined as being a part of a distributed computer system and the information processed by things or people are towards the edge. Now rather than relying on one centrally located computer system which is miles away, businesses can benefit by the amalgamation of computation and data storage.

In this fast world, latency issues can have a huge impact on the performance of an application. When an organization can tap into real-time data without losing anytime, it helps them stay on top of things. Companies are able to save money when they don’t need to save money on data processing on a cloud based on central location.

It was the rapid progress and growth in the IoT devices due to which the edge computing was developed. IoT generates an enormous amount of data and so organizations can make the best use

How Does Edge Computing Work?

In order to understand it clearly, think about the devices that are used in a printing press or a security camera sending in live feed from a manufacturing unit. If there is one device sending real-time data over the network it is smooth, but if there are many devices sending real time data over the same network then that gives way to problems. Now just for thought purposes just think about what will happen if thousands of security cameras are sending over real time data at the same time. It will mean a lack of quality and latency issues, and the money required for bandwidth would also be huge.

For many of these systems edge computing solves the problem by being a local device to store and process the data. For example, the edge gateway becomes a local source of processing and storage for these systems. The gateway works in such a way that it only processes the data received from edge devices and sends relevant data back on the cloud. This helps save a lot of bandwidth during the real time operations.

There are several devices that constitute edge computing devices such as the latest smartphone, IoT sensor, notebook computer, internet connected microwave, security camera and so on. These devices and technology have changed the way most industries operated in the past and paved the way in which future devices are connected and used.

How Does Edge Computing Work?

Why Does This Computing Matter for Enterprises?

One of the most important reasons why many companies would love to use this architecture is due to the cost saving nature of this computing approach. For most of their applications, the companies that embraced the cloud for many of their applications may have discovered that the amount of money required in bandwidth was much higher than they would’ve expected.

The ability to store and process data faster helps companies to implement and use devices that give real time data for critical operations. So rather than being limited due to technology, edge computing makes it possible for businesses to embrace and use the internet and technology and enhance their operations.

Enterprises Empowered Through Computing

A good opportunity in digital transformation should never be missed especially when it benefits an organization. There’s a lot of new technologies out there and so it is crucial that rather than waiting for it to be urgent, enterprises look at ways in which these will benefit them. Edge computing has several advantages for industries working with real-time data.

Enterprises planning to benefit from these types of computing should explore ways and opportunities provided in the tech world. So as an enterprise, it is crucial for organizations to look for ways that are available out there and implement the best solutions.

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Why Does This Computing Matter for Enterprises?

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