Accelerate Transformation Thrive in The Era of Digital Finance!

We’ve come a long way. We’re moving forward from old-school and traditional finance sector to digital finance.
Technology today has solved and is solving various challenges faced by financial managers. Today’s global financial sector is doubling down on technology to find the solutions it requires to not only survive but to thrive.

CodeTru’s futuristic and customized financial solutions are dedicated to identifying these challenges and providing tailor-made solutions to them. From automation and data integration to user experience – stay a step ahead in your game!

Deliver intelligence and automation with your financial service products

To bring innovation and enhance customer experience, implementing digital strategies is a must. Improve existing processes, channel delivery and operational models with our state-of-the-art IT solutions to the Finance Sector. Improve ROI in addition to personalized customer interactions, faster delivery of products and services, optimized workforce collaboration – ‘CodeTru Financial Services’ is your one-stop solution.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation - New Business Opportunities
Follow Strategies that Bring New Business Opportunities

Facilitate speed to market, adhere to risk & compliance, and adopt smarter technologies to deal with security threats.

Digital Transformation - Embrace Competition in the Industry
Embrace Competition in the Industry

Win new customers and remain competitive in the industry by introducing digitized and innovative service products.

Explore Innovative Business and Technology Solutions – CodeTru Expertise

Our innovative digital approach helps you in specific areas of transformation, improved user experience, automated service and qualities. We ensure you find precisely the right digital products; and experiences are built & delivered.

Explore Innovative Business and Technology Solutions
Deployment & Automation Solution
Deployment & Automation Solution

Ensure you adapt quickly to the differences as we are living in a fast-changing environment where sudden technological, economical and political changes can be expected at any moment. Especially, in the financial services sector, there is a greater need to meet the expectations of customers by providing clutter-free services.

Bring value to the market in a more risk-free and resourceful way with DevOps. Address compliance, security, risk and governance strategies and allow your financial services to enhance the quality and cadence of application releases with CodeTru’s cutting-edge deployment & automation Services.

Want to explore how DevOps is transforming Finance Services?

Business Analytical Solution

Those days are gone when every task needed a manual process. The financial service industries are witnessing enormous changes. To be in the competition or to fulfil fast-changing customer needs, it’s a necessity to gain customer loyalty, improve functional efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance by implementing the best Banking IT services.

Our most conventional technology solution is Cashiering Sheet Project which helps you automate your manual Cashiering process. This application helps collect data automatically from the partners and monitor business analytics and data for easy cashier management or fund management.

Business Analytical Solution
Digital Transformation - Safety Solutions
Safety Solutions

In the finance sector, safety is a zero negotiation service that your customers are looking forward to. To satisfy user’s expectations, it is not only important to allow your products and services to be accessed in new ways but also to modernize your technology offerings.

At CodeTru, we strategize and craft the most durable finance security solutions with high-grade API security services. Application Program Interfaces have been revolutionizing many aspects of finance by increasing the security of all internal applications and limiting data exposure.

Design & mobility solutions: UI/UX

An appealing and compelling design...! Who doesn’t like? Indeed, finance UI/UX design can be as attractive as customer-centric and tailor-made, that too with CodeTru. With a combination of the stack design approach, the latest technologies and modern software engineering techniques, we aim to deliver responsive designs for your applications.

Design & mobility solutions: UI/UX
Distribution & Collaboration
Distribution & Collaboration

Do you believe in sharing? Then this service is perfect for your business strategy. Yes! Bancassurance Solution is one of the topmost ground-breaking solutions with a huge growth rate in the finance sector.

CodeTru’s Bancassurance service is to help build an alliance between banks and insurance companies. It is a unique distribution channel for a wide variety of insurance products for banks, insurance providers and consumers.


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