Break to Tech and Stay Healthy

Can You Give a Break to Tech and Stay Healthy?

As a technology company, at Codetru we focus mainly on how technology can help industries to gain traction in these competitive times. However, in these current covid-19 times, we would like to talk about how to maintain good health. Well, good health is one of the most important assets for us as humans, and without it we won’t be able to accomplish anything. When articulating this content, the worldwide corona cases stood at a total 37,838,898, and unfortunately 1,082,620 people lost their lives.

Take a break from tech every now and then, and make sure that you maintain good health during these times. Here are some of the ways we see could help you maintain good health.

Don’t Let Stress Overwhelm You

Pandemic news is all over the internet, print media, news, and almost every other person is talking about covid-19. Regardless of how severe this pandemic is, it is important to think beyond what we are seeing at the moment. Look at the bright side of spending time with the family, playing with the kids, and accomplishing more are the things we struggled for years...spending quality time at home. Do not let the news overwhelm you or stress you out. Reports suggest a staggering growth in the number of depression, mental health, and stress related patients.

It is good to keep informed about the happenings, but make sure that you do not let the problems overwhelm your peace.

Take a Break from Tech

Working from home is a norm for most companies and occupations these days. As you work from home, make sure to take a break from tech every once in a while. Go away from your laptop, stretch, and walk for a bit. If you are living in an area where walking is possible, go for a walk if you feel safe. Do not give into the impulse of just sticking on to your mobile phones. If you stay connected at all times, the technology may only drain you. It will not only impact your mental health, but there is also a risk of getting physical ailments with overuse of technology.

As a tech company, it is a rather contrasting statement but in these times we also encourage our employees to do the same. We encourage them to take a few minutes breaks through the day, and maintain good mental and physical health.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

This is easier said than done...and it’s true with most of us. However, it is crucial to make sure that we maintain a healthy diet at the moment. This is not the best time to fall ill and visit a hospital. Maintaining a healthy diet will also ensure that you are prepared for a busy life once the pandemic is over. Check out what works for you, create a few dishes that you always wanted to eat, and try your hands in cooking. Rather than getting bored due to the travel limitations, why not make the best out of it? Add on a few greens, a balanced diet, and be prepared when life gets busier.

Take a Break from Tech

Maintain a Proper Schedule

With flexibility, it may be difficult to maintain a proper schedule but make sure that you never take a relaxed attitude in this regard. A good schedule will help you make the most out of the day, and you may even end up accomplishing more than usual. It is easy to get distracted due to the social media and funny videos and memes, but it will only end up killing your productivity time. So ensure that you maintain a proper schedule while working from home. Mark up time for work, family, exercise, and fun activities. This will make the down time all the more fun rather than being a burden.

Have Fun with Family

When we are busy at work making ends meet, it is our family that misses us the most. Pandemic is looming out there and the threat is far from over at the moment, but while at home we all can safely spend time with our near and dear ones. Schedule fun activities at home, play games, watch movies, create something new, or whatever your family enjoys doing together. Get on board with your children and get to know what they are up to. This is probably the most amount of time most families across the world will be spending with each other. Having fun with family will contribute to the physical and mental well being of your loved ones, and will help you’ll in maintaining good health. It is not necessary to do something huge at all times and in most cases small fun activities will be more than enough to keep the atmosphere cheerful.

Use Tech to Your Advantage

We thought we not touch on technology, but sorry a tech company, we couldn’t resist taking a detour. There are several new technologies that will pave the way for further success in digital transformation, why not pick up some skills? Technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, coding, cloud security, robotic process automation, and the likes are helping organizations take their business further ahead. These are niche skills and domains, and if you pick up some skills revolving around these, it will help you either in progressing ahead in your career or move to a different field. There are several free online courses and certifications that are available, and you can start your learning process with these. Take a step by step approach to reach your goals.

Make Good Health Your Priority

Although the world is fighting and healthcare workers are putting their all, there are several more challenges to be tackled. In the meantime, make sure that you keep good health of your family and yourself a priority. It is not a time to think emotionally but we all need to be practical and work our way ahead of these challenging situations in life. Do all that is possible to have a healthy lifestyle and stay away from the pandemic.

Codetru Working during Pandemic

At Codetru, we have teams working from the US, Canada, and India. Most of our team members are working remotely and we are more productive and energetic than ever. Although we want to come back to our work locations soon, the WFH has given us several new opportunities to explore. We are working on niche technologies to help our clients plan ahead of the pandemic era. Are you looking for a new technology to be implemented in your enterprise domain? If yes, let us know when we can connect and we’ll be happy to guide you through.
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