Healthcare Technologies

Healthcare Technologies: A Bright Ray of Hope to Be Excited About

It’s 2020 and good healthcare may sound a joke to many people across the globe. Over a million lives lost at the time of creating this blog and it looks like the fatalities are not coming down any sooner. On one hand the situation is challenging, but there is still a bright ray of home when we subjectively analyze “Healthcare Technologies.”

As the bandwagon of technology moves ahead there’s a lot of exciting things happening around the world at the moment. Let us delve a little deeper in this topic and look at why it is exciting. .

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting technologies available out there within the healthcare spectrum. In 2014, the artificial intelligence was about $600 million, but it is expected to grow to a whopping $6.6 billion by 2021. There are several ways in which AI is helping people around the world.

● The technology can be used to identify people who are at most critical risk and immediately escalate it to the healthcare providers. IBM Watson is put to test with people having opioid addiction issues.

● The technology is helping elderly people with timely reminders to take medicines on time. A great step ahead especially when assisting the elderly and infirm ones in these critical times where healthcare seems challenging.

● Another area AI helps is in recommending dosage quantities based on environmental factors, body chemistry, and so on.

This helps industries targeting to capitalize in the healthcare demands. Using AI to the fullest extent will not just help to add efficiency but also attract several new clients looking for enhanced levels of technology. AI doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon. As an industry if you are targeting the healthcare industry or are a healthcare provider, it is crucial that you implement AI in your offering to keep up with growing consumer needs.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality or VR is constantly changing and enhancing the lives of patients and healthcare providers at the same time. As the name suggests, a virtual environment is turned into reality and a person experiencing VR is in an environment that is designed for him/her. For example, VR can help a patient travel and experience the Northern Lights in Norway from the hospital bed itself. On the other hand, a surgeon can be in a virtual environment with surgical tools and practice his/her profession.

VR programs are developed for future surgeons training and also the practicing surgeons to create real life scenarios for them. Patients are being helped with a real life and soothing environment especially when going through a painful procedure. Now this goes on to show that there is a great need in the healthcare industry, and it is only a matter of time where the VR technology will quickly escalate and take on a new dimension.


Blockchain has created a lot of buzz around bitcoin and crypto currency, but it is definitely limited to these two. One of the most exciting things about blockchain is the possibility of creating a digital record which has a ledger of transactions which is transparent and cannot be tampered with. Experts suggest that blockchain is here to stay and adapt to the increasing demands in digital healthcare.
Healthcare Technologies

Healthcare data has some strict regulations and any leak of private data could turn out to be expensive for organizations. Blockchain can help in ownership of and security of data and digital assets within the healthcare industry. Blockchain has the potential to restructure the healthcare system when it comes to data and privacy of confidential information. As an industry have you tapped into this great potential? If not, it is time to think about the strategy.

Trackers, Sensors and Healthcare Wearable

The present and future of healthcare technology depends upon empowering the patients and healthcare providers at the same time. Trackers, sensors and wearable are valuable assets that we cannot leave out of discussion especially when talking about technology in the healthcare industry. These are great devices and help us take care of our own health and monitor any irregularities with ease. Best thing about these devices is that it puts impetus on great care for patients, monitors their daily routine, and also recommends a change as and when necessary. Whenever there is a requirement, a physician or caregiver can monitor a patient's health from a remote location as well. These technologies when put to use wisely help patients and caregivers to implement data backed healthcare solutions.


Recently we had a blog on chatbots and how it is helping industries provide the best level of customer support. There’s a lot of things that can be accomplished when chabots are implemented right at the core of patient support. From providing help in emergency situations to proper medicine management, there are a lot of things that can be accomplished. Chatbots provide a personalized experience for patients and this is critical in a healthcare environment.

Expectations of customers have changed in the recent past, and a more comprehensive support is expected. With chatbots in place, patients expect to get direct support for their queries and direct answers to some of their questions. Chatbots are increasing at a rapid scale and businesses focused on the healthcare industry need to be quick enough to realize the potential and make best use of the technology.

Mobile Applications

From a small child to elderly ones, mobile applications have become a norm for us. How about experiencing healthcare on mobile applications? Well, the mobile applications reduce a significant level of costs in the overall operations. Mobile applications also provide the benefit of delivering personalized results to patients. Even long after a patient has left the healthcare facility, the caregiver can stay connected and remain in touch with the patients.

Right from the healthcare facilities to the mobile screens of patients, there is a massive potential to reach out with ease. All that the businesses need to do is to explore the possibilities in these functions and keep the customer at fore when providing exceptional service.

In 2020, we all experienced the benefits and also flaws in the healthcare facilities. Well, if there is anything that can be done is to innovate and create a standard solution for the future. Make sure that you identify the bright ray of hope in the healthcare industry and capitalize on the available options that best suit your business model. Doing this will help you make the best of technology while you target the healthcare industry.

Codetru Helps You in Healthcare

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If you are able to understand your customers, it will help you to trend with them and deliver the experience that they are looking for. A winning strategy when it comes to giving your customers what they are used to and what they benefit from.

Codetru Helps You in Healthcare

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