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The world around us is buzzing with digital technology. Whether we are using a simple mobile application or sophisticated computer software, internet connection is crucial for efficient functioning.

Many understand how the internet works but there are still some that would like to know at least the underlying infrastructure and technology used in the internet. Check out our blog to know more about what exactly is internet and how we all make the best out of it.

Users can look forward to achieving deep automation, analysis, and it also enables ease of integration within the system. Digital transformation enables industries such as manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Automotive, and the likes to make best out of IoT Devices.

How Does the Internet Work?

A world on our fingertips! Yes, this is what the internet has done for us. But how exactly does it work? We’d like to shed some light on this amazing technology that has boggled many over the years. A good understanding of the internet will help you make the best out of this essential technology. We will talk in detail about the underlying technology and infrastructure used to make internet work. Although not delving deep into the technology, we will cover areas that will help you have a basic understanding of the concepts involved in the internet.

What is the Internet?

In simple words, the Internet is a global system wherein computer networks are interconnected. When two or more computers or devices are connected on a network and can communicate with each other, these become a part of the network.

Following a similar pattern, the worldwide network consists of computers interconnecting with each other. These computers belong to individuals, companies, governments, and so on. Once connected to this network, the computers or devices can communicate with each other

How Do They Communicate?

Language is important in any communication. This is the same with the computer's communications as well. Computers or devices need to understand each other in order to effectively communicate with each other. Imagine speaking Spanish to someone who has never even heard of the language. All devices connected on the internet use the same language to communicate and this makes efficient communication possible. The internet language is known as IP or “Internet Protocol.” This is one worldwide wide market that speaks the same language to communicate and removes every national, technical and physical barriers.

Communication Process in Internet

Using the internet protocol can be compared to the physical post services that many of us actively used a few years ago. When you send information over the internet protocol, it is similar to that of sending several pages of a book in different envelopes. All the envelopes or packets contain the same sender and receiver’s address. Regardless of how the envelopes or information is sent to the destination, all the information finally reaches the destination. Some of the different modes of communication transportation are:

  • SMTP: SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. As the name suggests, this is used to send emails.
  • HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the foundation of the www or world wide web that we use today. This mode is used to transfer data or information over the web.
  • Bit Torrent: This mode of communication is for peer to peer file sharing. This communication mode is used to exchange a file with large groups of people.

Creating a Custom Protocol

Internet protocol is a foundation of communication and on this sits the other protocols. Human imagination is the only limit to what you can create on Internet Protocol. Anyone can invent their own custom or convention protocol and the only requirement is that it sits on the internet protocol. As discussed earlier, the address on the envelope needs to be in standard format for efficient transportation. The several possibilities on the internet that can be explored and implemented for communication has what made it an essential commodity in our times. The devices that are used for transportation are known as “routers” and these are only programmed to transport the data over internet protocol. They don't need information about the data or be programmed to deal with different types of data...all that the routers need to do is to route the data from point A to B.

“There is a possibility for unlimited innovation in terms of new applications and protocols”

Just like a postman...all that the routers or transportation devices do is to look at the sender and receiver's address and it doesn’t matter to them what the envelopes contain.

Immense Possibilities Made Possible

With a complex web of connections and a simplified approach, the Internet provides many possibilities for us to explore. Regardless of how and where a computer or a device is connected to the internet, it facilitates the transportation of data from one place to another. The flexibility and openness offered by the internet is what helps in the economic, democratic, and innovation possibilities around the globe.

What is an IP address?

Just like us humans, every computer on the global network has a unique identity and that is known as the IP address. Every computer must have a unique IP address. An IP address is in the form of, and xxx must have numbers ranging from 0 to 255. IP address is a numerical address that is assigned to every device that connects on the computer network. This unique address is also identified when opting for any service from an internet service provider to access the internet. On the other hand, as the name suggests the router just has one IP address, and regardless of how many people connect or use a router the address remains constant.

Exploring the World Wide Web

Yes, the world is at our fingertips and there are tons of things that we can accomplish with the help of this worldwide connectivity. Businesses can operate without the worries of international borders and reach out to potential and existing customers across borders with great ease. You can provide services to other individuals or businesses, send emails, socialize, and showcase your talents to a global audience, and so on. There are immense possibilities with the help of connectivity.

Here’s some of the top ways internet has benefited people across the globe:

Find Tons of Information:

Do you want to buy a new car? Are you planning to go for a vacation? Is your next business venture calling you? And answer to almost every question you have. You can find tons of information on the topics that interest you. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo make it easy to find this information out there. All that you need to do is type in the relevant keywords and the search engines will look for the appropriate website.

Send Emails:

These days we all have email addresses and we use it effectively to communicate with others. From opening a bank account to accessing an application on our phones, we need an email address. This is an effective way to send and receive messages across the internet.

Social Media:

From a 4 year old kid to 90 years old person, we all use social media to stay connected with our family and friends. Social media helps to share, connect and socialize with many people at the same time.

There are tons of things that are based on the internet. Our daily lives revolve around the internet and we can make the best out of it when we understand the vast potential that it has to offer.

Codetru: Your Digital Partner

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How Does the Internet Work?

Some of the Disadvantages
When we talk about IoT, we often look at the advantages. However, it is important to note that there are also certain disadvantages that we need to look at in order to get a complete picture.
  • IoT makes it possible to create a healthy ecosystem wherein devices connect with each other and communicate with each other. Although there are strict security measures being implemented in most cases, the users are still exposed to the attackers trying to get in their system.
  • Even without the active participation of the users, it is possible that the users substantial personal data is easily accessible for others.
  • There is a large set of new technologies and systems that are used in IoT, and this makes some users feel it is more complicated in terms of planning, maintenance, deployment, and so on.
  • A concern over whether or not the IoT systems will easily collaborate with the other systems holds many back from using them.
  • Some feel that since it looks complicated from outside, the compliance to technology may be equally difficult.

As we discussed above, IoT has made a rapid shift in how a technology is perceived and how the best is achieved from the same. Businesses with the view to tackle the real world challenges in the future need to ensure that they make the best of IoT today. IoT enables enterprises to do a lot more in terms of delivery, production, and maintenance of business. If you are looking for implementing IoT solutions, it will help to take professional help in this regard.

Codetru has emerged as a leader in IoT. The company has handled several complex integration and maintenance projects in the recent past. We have top notch talent with an exposure to the global community. Our team will closely examine your IoT requirements and will be happy to partner with you on your digital transformation journey.

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