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In anything we do, if there's anything that matters more than anything it would be Productivity, and Web development is no exception. It doesn't matter if you are a pro with years of experience or a complete newbie in the web development arena, but the little improvements you imbibe can uplift the quality of your work. Well, web development generally denotes web markup and coding along with typical development chores like client-side scripting, server-side scripting, server, and network security configuration, eCommerce development, and content management system development (CMS).

Websites are the face of any business and have turned out to be carriers of vision. If you come across any product or service and it catches your attention, the first thing you do is to net it on google. Websites make it easier for millennials to find, analyze and purchase any product or service in moments with the help of a link or URL. Post considering such prominence, it makes it the mere responsibility of any web app developer to well-design and build a highly engaging, accessible, and productive website. A website should always be able to render an ideal user experience to a visitor and create an impact with an initial hit through its perfectly crafted user interface. These should be followed by other factors like relatable and yet engaging content communicating the needed information about the product or service which the visitor is accessing the website for.

A perfectly-built website lives up to these challenges, and even advantages from impressions and usability to make an attractive and engaging user experience. All these considerations assemble under one roof in the website design process.

Figure Out the Problem

First and foremost, it is essential to figure out an idea before jumping into the web development process. Well, some enthusiasts will do some serious research and analysis to find path-breaking and never-seen-before ideas whereas some will walk on the path, which is already established in the market. It doesn't matter which approach or strategy you are on, but all that matters is you figure out the issue that will be sorted by the product you develop.

Researching the Market

After you figure out an idea, kickstart exploring and researching the market would be the next smart move. Comprehending the intensity of the competition in your line of industry, and helps you to avoid developing something, which is already there in the market and create something unique. Well, experts always say that it is highly advisable to the spent majority of your time developing deeper comprehension of the market your product is compatible with before launching it. Hence, understanding your market will be the doorway to your success.

Exercise What You Enjoy

Creating a personalized solution for your business will offer you the liberty to select its functionality. You can feel free to walk beyond the bland set of tools that could be offered by off-the-shelf resolutions. The contemporary tech approach lets you contrive web applications with utility that will be constrained exclusively by organizational needs.

Search for Unique Tasks and Acknowledgements

Although it is vital to exercise elements that makes you feel excited, it is equally important to look out for challenges in programming which you haven't get your hands on. This will push you to learn new dexterities and experience new conceptions that will significantly help your career. Try to develop something that depends on any tool or any approach that you find hard, try using a new language and develop something without a framework. Perhaps you could also be a part of one of many freelancing platforms and check whether you might end up finding little tasks and jobs that you normally don't find by yourself.

UI/UX Design for Better User Experience

8 out of 10 website users declare that they will not visit a website again if they experience an unimpressive user experience. User Experience is a prominent factor in the website development process and a wide doorway to user satisfaction. Hence, as a web developer having knowledge on UI/UX aspects is extremely necessary to bring out best product and eventually render optimum user experience while using the application. Below are two prominent stages of the Website Design Process-

User Experience Design (UX):

At this stage, the UX professionals replicate the website plan in black and white page sketches, usually known as wireframes. These wireframes showcase the content layout so that you can visualize the conversion funnel, excluding distracting elements such as photography, color, etc.

User Interface (UI):

Once the wireframes are approved, the web design team shifts to the minute details that add life to the website. UI designers add imager, color, define shapes, fonts, and other effects to wireframes. The final and approved UI design is transformed into a style guide and delivered to the development team.

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