How to Transmute an iOS App to an Android App?

In today's setting, you can access all the technical innovation that has developed in the world in your hands through the mobile application.Well, all you require is an adaptable mobile app development to remain experienced and let you achieve your business pursuits. As the title depicts, if you want to convert an application from iOS platform to Android platform, you need to implement changes to it.

It is exceptionally great to have an iOS mobile app for your business. The same appreciation applies to android mobile apps as well. Since you've decided to build an app on one platform, the following approach is to create the same application for another one which means to convert iOS or Android, which are retaining as pioneers with 97% of all smartphones on the globe.If you take iOS, the devices like, of course have distinct screen sizes and the mobile app developers will pick typical bitmap sizes considering the decision of the application they want to build. iOS apps have a specific amount of benefits whereas, android apps have their own benefits. If you compare both platforms, the market for android apps is typically higher considering the low cost and easy development.

What Are The Grounds For Converting An iOS App To Android App?

Withstanding the fact that iOS and android both are prevalent among smartphone users and if you have to pick one, it becomes tricky. Before we jump into the grounds for converting an iOS app to an Android app, let us initially comprehend the difference between these two. Doing this will support you in gathering knowledge about market implications and allow you to pick a befitting platform for your app development.

Let's begin-

  • iOS app developers utilise Swift and on the other hand Android app developers use Java or Kotlin.
  • The screen sizes for iPhones and iPads are standardised with Apple Devices. Whereas the Android devices, there is a vast sort of screen sizes, which means there is room left for development more on the interface design end and case-by-case programming to guarantee compatibility and functionality across devices.
  • As a matter of fact, Android apps generally take longer to develop due to device fragmentation. The fact is that there are so many different Android OS versions available on the market and of course, different devices get significant security updates at different times, and this makes maintaining and developing Android apps more formidable.
  • The iOS and Android apps are distinctive in terms of user demographics like age, income, locations, hours spent on apps, and many more. Apple users are supposed to be younger and more moneyed than android users.

How to Convert An iOS App into an Android App?

Below mentioned are the points you can follow to help you in the process of converting an iOS app to an Android app. They are a criterion and established approach to convert iPhone apps into android ones.

Design A Robust Plan

It is advisable to prepare a proper architecture plan, functionalities, cost, design, and the modules. Creating a roadmap is considered as one of the prominent steps to get better translucence. It is quite straight and clear that following the appropriate strategy will trigger the best outcome of converting the iOS app into an Android app. It will reveal the bugs and errors if they rise later and the plan will also enhance the execution.

Conversion Requirements

Post development of a comprehensive plan, create a conversion plan with your developer and make them understand every bit of details taking from minor to major with the developer and comprehend the challenges you might encounter and brace yourself for it. The dexterity of the app would be advantaged while rendering more flexibility.

Execution of Conversion

The execution should be fixed as per the technology since it plays the prime role. Choose the coding strategy that adapts your financial plan and time allocations. The period also relied upon the nature of the application you are developing. In case there are components and plan modifications for the Android UI, the time span will be prolonged.

Employ Plugins To Uplift Your Productivity

Well, employing android plugins would enhance the speed of development following the direct syntax. The software development kit, icons, images and resolutions can be easily adjusted utilising android plugins. Affirming the technology and plugins would thereby steer the approach of implementation in a better possible way.


For testing, you can use an android emulator. The testers can experience diverse application tests like quality, beta, monkey and functionality, and user-experience testing. The adept testers would execute the whole software testing after incorporating the app from iOS to Android. Any bug that rises in this phase can be adjusted before establishing the application to make it more trustworthy.

Manage The Conversion Project

In order to appropriately handle the conversion of the platform's project, one can use scrum master technique that causes cross-functional development work. When the mobile app developers are uncovered to the project's product backlog, it becomes easy for them to handle and evaluate the prerequisites.

How much does it cost to convert an iOS app to Android app

The Expenditure of converting an iOS app into an Android app will wholly rely on the services and features you incorporate into your project. When you engage a committed iOS developer, they fastly comprehend all the basics of development such as Swift/Java, SDKs of iOS, and APIs. Hence, they are capable enough to convert the app and the conversion cost is minimal. Anyways, the development will happen in the mac platform so that the price may go up. It is a well-known fact that Android is open-source, which is consequential for application conversion. When you hire reliable android developers, the Advancements in code conversion are being made with the J2ObjC. It will entrust you to use Android code for iOS through code rendition.

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