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Laravel: Top Reasons To Choose It for Your Next Project

Hello’re here to find out whether or not Laravel is the right choice for you. Let us start with saying is indeed the right choice! Now let’s delve a little deeper and identify a little more Laravel and why you should choose it for your next development project.

Well, every business needs web applications and websites to establish their presence in the global marketplace. Laravel is one such PHP open source framework that most businesses are using in our times. In our blog, let’s talk about the top reasons why you should chose this framework for your upcoming project.

A Secured Framework

One of the most painful aspects for website owners is security. Unauthorized users gaining access to security resources is as good as a security breach in the network. Laravel makes it super easy to implement authentication, and as a result you can easily implement good security features. It helps developers with providing them a simple method to setup and implement logic for authorization and also control access to the resources.

Ease of Integration

Modern web applications rely a lot on integrations. With a multitude of frameworks, applications, and software, integration is a key to easily scale up and hit the ground running so to speak. Laravel helps the developers to send users email notification with ease. One of the popular libraries, SwiftMailer has a simple API and it provides the drivers to SparkPost, SMTP, and Amazon SES. So whether you are using cloud based services or relying on local computing, the user has the ability to send out quick email notifications.

Clarity in Logic and Presentation

Laravel is built with a model view controller, and this ensures that there is clarity between logic and presentation. This helps to enhance the overall performance of the application and helps developers to better document and support several build in functions. This feature is a great help for developers not just when defining logic and differentiation presentation, but on the other hand, it also helps them complete the tasks in a considerably short amount of time.

Middleware Feature

Middleware further enhances the security by handling the HTTP requests within the application. Firstly, the middleware filters the requests and then sends the unauthenticated users to the login page while proceeding and directing the authenticated users to the application. An enhanced layer of security and segregation always comes in handy when building a modern application.

Great Performance

This is yet another reason why Laravel is considered to be a great option when building web apps. Laravel provides the developers with the right tools to help them boost the performance of web applications. When developing the applications, the developers will need to Redis and Memcached in order to enhance the application performance over time. With so many tools and ease of implementing them, it helps the developers to create applications with great performance.

Great Community

Why break your head when you have a great and active Laravel community? Another great advantage is that it is open-source and so many developers choose this as their framework. On the other hand, there is a strong community of development companies and developers who actively provide help and support to make it even more flexible and scalable. As a result, during the project if you want to implement a complex functionality, you can still do that without wasting a lot of time because there are experts available in the community to help you with that.

Blade Templating For Help

Yet another great advantage for the developers using Laravel is the blade templating. This feature helps the developers to work with the predefined templates and use them when writing certain codes. The templates are super intuitive, light weight, and are dynamic. As a result, the developers do not have to limit themselves to write just plain and simple; PHP codes, but they can further scale the horizon. When using Laravel for your website, you can be assured of a great and lightweight website without compromising on the quality and speed of performance.

Importance of laravel for web applications

Ease of Migration

Another benefit of this framework is the ease of database migration. The developers can easily undo the changes made to the database and with the help of migration, the database can also be easily shared with the other developers that are working within the team. All of this is facilitated by Laravel to take place smoothly and with great ease. As a result, this saves the developers time and efforts because the changes and migration in the database can be done without the need to extensive re-work or re-creation on the database. Developers will also end up saving a lot of time when there is a need to carry out the database migration for application.

Laravel is Object Oriented

The Laravel comes with an object oriented library and these come pre-installed. Authentication library is one of the pre-installed libraries that come with this framework. These libraries come with great features that are easy to implement and use by the developers. The framework is further segregated among modules and this helps them to organize it better by dividing it into modern and responsive ready to use applications.

Ready for Future

The features that look rich today will soon become outdated, and this is why it is important for businesses to look for futuristic solutions. The Laravel community is evolving every day with thousands of developers coming together to share and collaborate on ideas. This helps to bring in exceptional functionalities together under one platform for all the community to use. As a result, you can be assured that despite the change in technology and functionality, you can still stay relevant with the progress.

Time to Market

Time to market is highly critical in today’s competitive times and so developers are always on their toes especially when it comes to digital transformation. Choosing your Laravel framework helps you to speed up your development and so your developers can speed up the time to market for your product. This is also one of the reasons why most companies choose this framework in their project.

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