Why is Laravel Framework

Why is Laravel Framework A Top Choice for PHP Web Development?

Although there is no dearth of PHP-based frameworks, Laravel continues to be the number one framework for web development. Right off the top of the head, we can name PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii, Symfony, and probably 10 more. Yet, the Laravel framework stands to be the top choice among web developers. Why? The answer to this question lies in this blog. So, read on to find out.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source framework built on PHP that was developed as an alternative to CodeIgniter. However, it has beat all the other PHP-based frameworks to become the most popular one in 2018. It is simple to learn and code, at the same time a versatile framework that works on the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture under the hood. The Laravel framework helps you build the most modern, full-stack web applications. But why choose Laravel over the other PHP frameworks? The next section explains just that.

What is Laravel?

Why Laravel?

So, what are the general criteria for the developers to choose one framework over the other? Choosing the best framework depends on the cost of development, its popularity, developers’ experience with it, however, various other factors also dictate the choice. Aspects like third-party integrations, testing, deployment, and many others come into play when selecting the right framework.
Mentioned below are those reasons why the Laravel framework is the popular choice today:

1. Uncompromised Security : Security is of utmost importance where Laravel is concerned. Laravel offers a host of security features that makes the website uncompromised at any cost. Whenever a user tries to log into the website, a token is generated to prevent unauthorized access. Next, the passwords are not saved as regular text in Laravel. They are encrypted using the Bcrypt hashing algorithm.
Furthermore, as Laravel comes inbuilt with SQL commands, hackers breaking into the database is mitigated to a great extent.

2. MVC Architecture : The MVC architecture support essentially helps in keeping the code simple, especially in large projects. The application can be classified into three major heads – the Model (database operations), View (this is how the web application is presented), and Controller (this processes the requests for model and view). It offers the advantage of organizing your work by maintaining separate files.

3. Object-Oriented Libraries : Object-Oriented libraries are unique to Laravel, no other PHP-based frameworks have these. The libraries such as the Authentication library helps in keeping tabs on the active users on the website, password resetting, etc.

4. ORM : The Eloquent Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) in Laravel is the interface that can help the developers access the databases. The ORM helps in the easy manipulation of databases for required results. Another advantage of ORM is it enables the switch from one database to the other between My SQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

5. Authorization and Access Control : One of the most notable features in Laravel is authorization and access control which ensures that the data in various databases is secure. Laravel creates a login controller, a user model, views, and a register by default as soon as the developer decides to set up authentication. Depending upon the code and logic, the functionality of the components can be extended.

6. Migration of Database : Laravel offers easy migration to other databases which is one of the most prominent features of Laravel.
Due to various reasons, the database change is sought. Be it, client requests or a change of database platform. This switch requires database synchronization during migration, which is however mitigated in the case of Laravel.

7. Task Management : Task management and configuration are important aspects of any web application. PHP Laravel framework enables an easy setup for scheduling tasks. The tasks could be scheduling the emails to be sent out or any other task. The command scheduler calculates the scheduled tasks and executes them.

8. Automatic Package Detection : This is one of the most lovable features for developers. The package installation has always been a tedious task for the developers as compatibility issues might arise while doing so. However, at least the Laravel framework helps in the right package discovery based on what the developer is trying to accomplish.

9. Artisan Command-line Interface : PHP Laravel is known for its ability to automate tasks. Artisan, the command line interface enables the developers to create artisan commands that can be used for automating regular tasks. The tasks such as model creation, database migration can be automated easily.

10. Blade Template : The Blade is a templating engine that comes preinstalled in the Laravel framework. It is intuitive and lightweight and hence does not need any specific OS requirements. So, what does Blade do?
Blade essentially simplifies the process of syntax writing. The Blade has its own structure for displaying variables, conditional statements, and loops. The simple, yet powerful templating engine compiles this code into PHP code and caches it until it is modified, thereby adding no additional burden to the application. Blade supports template inheritance and sections.
The template created using Blade is stored with .blade.php extension instead of just .php and is stored in the /resources/view directory. These templates can be inherited by the child templates.

Breif on Laravel Framework

The flipside

Like for any product, there are cons, the Laravel has minimal drawbacks as compares to its advantages.

The Bottomline…

The Laravel framework is the best option for PHP developers. With a short learning curve, Laravel can work wonders in terms of offering security, tasks management, database manipulation, and automation to web applications. However, choosing the Laravel framework entirely depends on the complexity of the product. If you need a full-scale, massive website like CMS, then Laravel could be the best option for you.

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