Case Study Lead Management System Bancassuarance

Lead Management System Bancassurance

The Challenge

In this Competitive world, you just can’t afford to lose on any of your customers. Periodic follow-ups are always tedious and time-consuming. However, having said that it is vital to have regular follow-ups with your potential customers. Our client who is one of the giant names in the insurance sector was looking for a robust system that would simplify their task and help them in the productive lead-based activity.

Their intention was to collaborate with a bank to sell its products to the bank customers through the process of Bancassurance. Using this partnership arrangement was a win-win collaboration where Banks earn additional revenue by selling insurance products, and insurance companies expand their customer bases without increasing their sales force or paying agent and broker commissions.

Challenges on Lead Management System

CodeTru discussed the requirements with Company’s Concerned teams and also collaborated with Business users and the Marketing team to understand their vision of the system. Through the process, we understood that this vibrant team was in need of a complete systematic organization and distribution of data along the sales funnel.

Our Experts suggested the’ Lead Management System’, a web-based system that would help them in collecting data from possible channels. With LMS, we designed unique user types for those responsible for Lead Creation, Lead Review, Lead Approval, and Sales Closure.

LMS is a new and unique system in the market, our team made this entire unit a user- friendly one so that insurance people could add new products with less supervision and with individual customization options. We integrated the Quote Page Implementation by which bank users were able to estimate the cost of different combination of products which eased the decision-making process for the customers

  • Our Report functionality has made the review task easy
  • The Admin Modules have made the user management simple and effortless
  • With the LMS integration, the client had a 30% increase in the lead base
  • The User- friendly module has increased the sales efficiency by 40%
  • The best part is that the client managed to achieve an Overall Profit of 20%

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