The Role of Machine Learning in Digital Transformation

The Role of Machine Learning in Digital Transformation

There are tons of explanations of machine learning out there...we’re going to make it simple and easy to understand in a business context. Machine learning is a method of data analytics used to automate analytical model building. It stems from artificial intelligence and the idea that systems can learn from data - identify the patterns - make decisions with minimal human intervention. In this article we will see:

● A Quick Look at Machine Learning
● What’s The Importance of Machine Learning?
● How is it Used Today?
● How Does it Work?
● Machine Learning With Codetru

A Quick Look at Machine Learning?

Machine learning was born from pattern recognition and from the idea that computers can learn without being specifically programmed to handle a specific task. Data used in the artificial intelligence technology is used in Machine learning and when exposed to a new set of data, the machines can independently adapt. The computers can learn from the previous computations to produce reliable and repeatable results. It’s also interesting to note that the science of machine learning in itself is not new but it has gained fresh momentum. With a consistent advancement in computing technology, the ability to compute advanced mathematical equations and big data helps to further enhance the overall process.

What’s The Importance of Machine Learning?

Data is the life and blood of businesses - whether it is a manufacturing warehouse or a busy convention, data is critical. Making data-driven decisions is critical in deciding whether to stay ahead of the competition or follow the lead. Machine learning has become the key to unlock valuable insights derived from customer data and corporate decisions. When used right, Machine Learning helps businesses find needles in the haystack so to speak (the right insights from millions of data points), and then drive the business in the right direction.

What’s The Importance of Machine Learning?
How Is It Used Today?

Well, there are tons of use cases used by businesses, but we will see just a few now.

Image Recognition - Image recognition is one of the most common applications of machine learning being used by businesses. It identifies an object/person via a digital image based on the pixel intensity (Black & White or Color). The technology has made so much advancement that now it can also tell whether growth in the x-ray is cancerous or not. The technology is often used for facial recognition by identifying the commonalities of people from the database, and the list goes on.
Every business/industry has a customized use case of image recognition to help them obtain desired results.

Healthcare Industry - In recent years, machine learning has also been used successfully by healthcare industries. Machine learning helps in the diagnosis of a few diseases. Many physicians can effectively use chatbots with speech recognition technology to identify symptoms. It helps in formulating a diagnosis or even recommending a treatment option. Nowadays, even cancerous tissues are being detected. In cases where a rare disease is being identified, the professionals also use facial recognition and machine learning to identify phenotypes that correlate with genetic diseases.
Even within the healthcare industry, there are numerous ways in which machine learning is being used in our times.

Predictive Analysis - Machine learning is used to classify the available data into different groups, and these are then further defined by the rules that are set by the analysts. The analysts calculate fault probability once the classification is complete. It helps in the banking and finance sector wherein predictions can be made about whether or not the transaction is legitimate or fraudulent. Industries also use this to calculate fault possibility. Predictive analysis continues to dominate its use in several areas and is known to be one of the most promising examples of machine learning.
How Does Machine Learning Work?
How Does Machine Learning Work?

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that is designed to mimic how humans learn. The technology is designed to teach computers to think how humans do. It is designed to learn and improve based on past experiences. It explores data and identifies patterns to involve minimum human intervention.
Almost any task that can be done based on a defined pattern set by data or set rules can be automated with the help of machine learning. This helps companies to transform the complete process that was only possible for humans to perform. There are mainly two techniques that are widely used in machine learning.

● Supervised Machine Learning
● Unsupervised Machine Learning

In supervised machine learning, you can collect the data or produce a data output from a previous machine learning deployment. An unsupervised machine learning on the other hand helps you to find the unknown patterns in the data. The goal is to detect and work with the complex patterns within the system that would otherwise be overlooked with human intervention. Most industries find the technology highly beneficial in terms of improving current capabilities within the organization, enhancing efficiency in operations, and also predicting faults/anomalies in the overall process.

Machine Learning with Codetru

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