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Continuously pushing yourself through several challenges and problems – that’s the way of living to the smart. It inspires you thoroughly. Be the problem solver, be the game changer! Find the solution to theft and tampering by enhancing your business processes and deploying Multichain Blockchain Development Technology. Multichain is unique suited to corporate enterprises and we are devoted to assisting our clients make the most of this exciting software.

Smart Contract – Enable Highest Security for Your Financial Transactions

Our expertise in creating Multichain Blockchain Development using Smart Contract helps you create an Application-specific chain and accelerate the Deployment of private Blockchains for all your financial transactions for your business. With a passion to explore new areas of blockchain technology, our developers at CodeTru design and develop highly influencing and intuitive business development solutions.

Enable Highest Security for Your Financial Transactions
Private Blockchain Its customised permission gives you control on who can connect, read and write with zero mining or transaction charges.
Application specific chains CodeTru enables deployment of scalable and interoperable Application specific chains with zero irrelevant data.
Personalised mining By personalised mining, diversity multiplies the number of miners, configure diversity, and block size and frequency.
Support to multiple Industries Multichain Blockchain development technology is not confined to the finance sector. It can be implemented in different industries as well as in businesses of all sizes.
Automatic exchanges It prevents double spend, duplicate and one-sided transactions to save time and unnecessary hassles.
Innovative Solutions With our out-of-the-box- thinking approach and tendency to go beyond market trends we deliver innovative multichain solutions to our clients.

Unique Uses of Multichain Blockchain Development!

Uses of Multichain Blockchain Development
User Identity

Multichain Blockchain development services help in maintaining employee’s data and record and identify the person.

Uses of Multichain Blockchain Development
Financial Reconciliation

Multichain Blockchain development services can also be used for data reconciliation and financial reconciliation.

CodeTru Multichain Blockchain Applications – Ensure your
Transaction Immunity and Security

Multi Chain technology was designed to provide an easy to use tool for customers. It helps them to connect with other entities in the corporate network more easily. Users can easily describe how to interact with different entities on the chain which offers a great way to customize the multi-chain network. Today, this application is not limited one single industry. Many industries today – from energy to healthcare – have been using multichain platforms for their financial transactions. Three of the broad categories are:

Multichain Blockchain development services are impacting education industry in a significant way by allowing students to join any school or college and pay smoothly.

Multichain Blockchain development services
Healthcare Multichain Blockchain platform

Multichain Blockchain platform gives patients a hassle-free payment experience where they can get reimbursement quite easily. It also fastens the treatment processes in healthcare industry.

Insurance & Finance

Be it collecting insurance premium easily through a centralized private blockchain or providing a platform that has removed the intermediaries in the banking sector or financial services – Multichain Blockchain platform offers a cheaper and less time consuming financial procedures to users.

Insurance & Finance Multichain Blockchain platform


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