OpenText, The Information Company™, claims to enable businesses to gain insight through advanced information management solutions, both in the cloud and on-premise. AppWorks is a single platform for low-code application development, process automation, case management enabling users to design, build, manage and optimize digital business processes. AppWorks outshines others because it provides the information management capabilities needed to use information in context-rich, compliant digital processes, finally in planning strategy.

American business magazine named ‘Opentext App works’ as one of the leaders in Digital Process Automation for Deep Deployments in 2019. So, defined simply, Opentext App works are designed to help application development and delivery businesses choose the right partner for business needs. Opentext App works also have offerings that are business-developer friendly and support low-code features that can be used to create digital process applications. Opentext App works outshine rivals that are pre-integrated and designed to address specific use cases.

OpenText has focused on low-code development and cloud deployment on the OpenText Cloud. The (AppWorks) offering excels in case management. They work best when paired with the OpenText Content Server and extended ECM offering. OpenText augments AppWorks further with analytics and AI from its Magellan offering resulting in a comprehensive solution.

AppWorks Gateway AppWorks Clients

‘Shifting our operations to a digital-first approach using OpenText AppWorks and OpenText Content Suite has helped us manage our rapid growth while continuing to scale our high-level of customer service’ - Anoop Pabby, Managing Director and CEO of DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance.

So,let us see how it works

Often enterprises get behind in the race to develop apps that are intelligent enough to easily stand the needs and deploy at an enterprise scale. However, Opentext app works empower users to quickly and easily, build purpose-specific apps for the enterprise using a wide range of web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript making it use widespread. These apps can also connect to the OpenText EIM Suite using APIs.

It contains:

AppWorks Gateway – Server-side, connected to the OpenText EIM Suite
AppWorks Clients – Small, customizable Applications at the heart of the tool.

They are currently available for Android and iOS with access to the device hardware and OS. A lightweight web browser version is available, with clients for the Windows and Mac OS X Desktop. Apps coded in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are deployed on AppWorks Clients/managed from a centralized administration tool.

OA claims to have the foundation to build successful digital businesses. With intuitively automated, content-rich, processes can quickly build and easily modify, while AppWorks delivers new digital experiences at much lower IT investment. So their core advantages as offered

  • Gain the power and flexibility to automate, digitize for seamless processes in future.
  • Automate daily work and optimize learning for better experience delivery.
  • Easily interact with structured and unstructured content in existing systems and repositories.

OA Process Suite is a complete process automation and case management system that empowers enterprises to become agile, productive, and thus more competitive. The Suite is a collection of components which quickly build process and do case management.

So, one might wonder how they accomplish this:

1. Dynamic Case Development

OA makes knowledge work with a smarter through a data-driven approach helping in complex decision-making. Those who manage the knowledge get ready access, content and that help them move cases forward. Automation of routine decision-making and low-risk tasks using rules-based automation and AI advancements.

2. Low code development

OA’s digital experiences are high on engagement loaded with new age, content-rich apps for the way people need. Here it makes used of drag-and-drop modelling and pre-built blocks to speed up APP development.

3. Building Process Intelligence

OA creates visibility into operational status and insights for digital process automation. This enables smarter automation, dashboards and data exploration capabilities easier. With the additional capability of also generating reports, it comes it as a total end to end solution

4. Enterprise Integrations

OA readily integrates with the OpenText portfolio, other leading Apps & diverse systems to make information from all systems for digital process applications. As the integrity of the systems de-clutters the systems and the process, the business can reap the benefits of doing that deliver the best consumer experience.

5. Business Rules Management

OA is integrated into rules of business processes and business objects for design and modelling. OA delivers non-stop business operations at process runtime enabling business also to optimize the process and make informed decisions based on the data-driven approach as discussed above.

6. Run anywhere–on or off the cloud

OA is designed to deploys and work anywhere with a cloud-native containerized platform which ease of use which accelerates the introduction of new features to end-users. This in combination with the low code development needed and the pre-designed blocks to save time with the modules integrated, the OA platform becomes the contender for the industry leader.

7. OpenText Extended ECM for AppWorks

OA can increase the range of enterprise content management (ECM) to all parts of the enterprise, creating content for injection into the context of cross-system business process automation.

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