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React is a breakthrough application in terms of web development from the time it’s been launched in the year 2013. It has changed the perspective on how web development applications are made with their daring advances in the domain. After the release, the react attracted many web development communities leaving them curious and disgusted by its sheer magic. The origin of this wonderful framework happened under the roof of Facebook‘s Ad Organization who were following the old school client side model view controller approach.

React is a frame work of JavaScript which consist of two way data binding along with rendering template. The engineers who created this initially were found using to resolve the challenges that would be involved when developing timely changing complex interfaces with data sets. By creating JavaScript’s applications and user interfaces that are scalable and maintainable React has been a breakthrough in this platform. It has changed the perspective of web development abilities from changing the mindset of single page application or user interface approach for developers of various skill levels. From the beginner level to the experts, this invention has a great influence on all levels of expertise.

Facebook with its invention of open source library React Native has created user interfaces using the interface that is similar to the React’s JavaScript Library. With this native UI library, developers have gained great manifestation of” learn once and write anywhere “. This prototype change has helped to use the core principles of React for creating rational interfaces. With all the above mentioned information, the application may seem like a perfect product with no shortcomings in its field. However, there are few fundamental issues that allowed the invention of React and its problem solving capabilities followed.

What makes React unique?

React as already mentioned is a breakthrough invention in the web development domain which breaks the norms and usual implementations. In comparison to the available frameworks like Backbone, Knockout.js, Angular JS, Ember, CanJs, Dojo and many others, React is a full-scale Javascript framework . React is not similar or is the assessment to say that it looks like a normal MVC structure. React is made with declarative components that describe the interface. No observable data binding is used by react while building an application and hence React can be easily maneuvered where in the components can be taken, combined, and made in custom components.

The creation process of react is quite quirky and interesting to know the process of how Facebook developed React. Was it developed as the better version of current standards? Or was it actually developed with a business vision? Questions like these were common during the process, however when one digs into the reasoning and practical purpose of creating React, it is understood that it was created to counter specific challenges faced by Facebook during a technological difficulty. React, was the outcome during this quest process that had the ability and the approach to solve complex user interface issues. React was created to solve a singular problem. React was built to deal with displaying data in a user interface.

React Js and its frame works

Though this process of data display in a user interface was already present, however React served the large scale user interfaces, Scale Interfaces of Facebook and Instagram. React has practical and valid reasoning and it can help solve specific problems when building complex user interfaces.

React and understanding its ability

React may not be the solution for every problem that arises in the front end development and user interface design; however React is set to solve some specific set of issues and in general may be a single problem at a time. React usually builds large- scale user interfaces with data that changes with time accordingly by Facebook and Instagram.

Many web developers who have been in the business can relate to their working proportions where they use large scale user interfaces which keep changing with time. However the present day developers they share these user interface burden with the browser, Javascript or to a HTML or CSS. This phenomenon of applications is known as ‘Single Page Application’ where the ability of the browser is displayed to accommodate the common request or the response from the servers.

The problem causing situation is when your project code is no longer manageable the way it was expected to be. You would then need additional support in the form of code pieces to bind that data efficiently. In some cases you may also require to redesign a complete application in a way to support the secondary business that has broken the interface renders after few transactions of starting a task. These requirements or asks would a need a robus , highly connected application, this is exactly where React comes in the picture.

If you are a developer who is interested in learning and providing React.JS Development Service, all that you would need is few hours of learning through case studies or examples and few documents to refer. Sounds easy? Give it a try!

5 Well Known Apps or Companies that are using React JS

The changing digital world and the innovations happening every minute adapting new things, trends or technology are challenging. Let’s see how some famous names in the industry are embracing React Js and its frame works. Instagram, Netflix and Facebook the social media giants are improving their experience with React Js and its awesome features

Facebook- Their webpage is designed using the React script which is carefully blended in their code. Its mobile interface uses the React Native, another version of React that takes the responsibility of displaying iOS and Android Native Components

Being the creator of ReactJS library they have been using it efficiently for their applications and also they have come up with a new beta version of ReactJS called React Fiber

Instagram- The awesomeness of this app lies in its features that are most popular like, Google Maps APIs, geolocations, Search engine accuracy, the tags without hash tags. All these are the outcome of ReactJS library

NetFlix- The most popular app worldwide is also affected by ReactJS which has contributed on startup seed, modularity, performance of the runtime and many others. Their platform Gibbon used for low-performance TV devices instead to their early usage of DOM in web browser is now using the version of React that is making a huge difference.

WhatsAPP- This widely used app used React JS user interfaces from facebook similar to that of Underscore.Js and Velocity.JS as some of its most efficient engines. Unlike Facebook, WhatsApp Webl is also using React

Drop Box- When the React was gaining popularity,Dropbox adopted to ReactJS and it might be over an year now. This cloud based storage service and online backup solution has making the best use of this framework that throws a variety of efficient resources
What makes React unique?

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