React is a ground-breaking JavaScript Framework that allows you to develop User Interfaces for web app development and mobile app development. However, react concentrates only on state administration and rendering. Hence, react applications typically depend on third-party libraries for routing and creating client-side features. Elements are small, reusable segments of code that efficiently merge with other JavaScript frameworks and libraries. Using their excellent modularity, react component libraries ease UI development processes and offer highly beneficial personalization facilities to developers.

The following are 5 React Libraries you must know about

  1. Redux
  2. MUI Core
  3. React DND
  4. React Hook Form
  5. ANT Design


Redux is an open-source JavaScript-written state management library with an impeccable weekly download rate of 7.8 million on NPM and an over 60K rating on GitHub. It facilitates the process of linking React components to commodities of state by decreasing the use of props. Redux is widely and commonly employed with React UI library components, though it can also be incorporated with Angular 2, Vue, Mithril, Vanilla JS, etc. React developers have used Redux to handle the condition of their applications. Developers frequently call this library their "companion" as it provides the facilitations like code consistency is easier with this library, Suitable for a variety of environments (customer, host, and native), and currently, it is in active development.

MUI Core (Material UI)

To begin with, the most widely used library, React's MUI Core provides readily obtainable and flexible UI components and is considered one of the most counted React libraries. Typically, MUI is a set of components that controls Google's widely employed Material design principles. The MUI platform offers a whole set of UI tools to help you quickly execute enhanced features. Developers can use MUI Core to develop applications using well-designed, user-friendly, and adaptable components. This tool provides an inclusive set of readily available features that can be unified into any project. MUI Core consists of three core libraries for developing and shipping UI quickly - Material UI, MUI Base, and MUI System

React DND

The React DnD library enables you to develop refined drag-and-drop links besides guaranteeing that elements are disconnected. Employing gestures and grabbing, app users can pick up elements and pull them to any desired zone on the screen. Besides, there are dozens of impeccable drag-and-drop libraries, React DnD excels as it utilizes HTML5's drag and drops API. It has many unique and creative applications in real-world scenarios, making it relatively easy to use. React DnD encapsulates your components and insert props into them rather than giving you a set of pre-built widgets.

React Hook Form

React hook Forms are considered to be fundamental segments of a web app and React Hook Form is at top of the queue when developing forms in React. It simplifies form verification by synchronizing the UI with HTML stipulations. Every feature that you require in a form library is accessible in one specific hook named “use form”. Implementation, flexibility, and clarity turn it an ideal option. On top of that, it is very bland and has no external dependencies, which supports developers acquiring more accomplished with less code. React hook form also keeps the number of re-renders at the lower side and decreases validation computations. It also decreases the time needed for mounting.

Ant Design

If it is about creating visually attractive React apps, ANT design will surely come in help. Ant Design most probably has any element you might require for your React app interface or design. Ant Design merges Webpack, DVA, NPM, Dora, and Babel into a single software framework. It’s created to sustain internal desktop applications established on multiple concepts and protocols. This convenient React UI library features ES6 similarity and offers stable integration with adaptive components.


This blog is confined to presenting the widely applicable and specific React libraries that offer specific needs within the ecosystem. Well, this list of libraries is not everything as javascript is a platter of impeccable things to discover. IT experts should be aware of the most recent updates and trends in their preferred technology fields. Pull React libraries’ different elements to develop your ideal application with a team of adept and acquainted React developers who can contribute the best solutions for your project demands.

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