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One of the ‘future technologies already in use, only improving now to reach interactional capability in live business situation using artificial intelligence and networks, which is primarily used to automate business processes as far as possible providing the consumer a seamless experience of the business.

Some of the most famous applications of this metaphorical robots are bots, which interact with consumers online. As this technology has proliferated, so has its functionality and thus the adoption by businesses worldwide to leverage the share cloud or private networks to achieve their objectives.At the heart of this business is the ability to learn as the computer or bot interacts with the consumer. In the earlier automated systems, some of the fixed business processes were rigidly defined and thus were automated on different platforms using different technologies. In contrast, RPA systems develop their response to the action the user in the application's graphical user interface (GUI), and then perform the automation by repeating those tasks directly in the GUI.

This can lower the barrier to use of automation in products that might not otherwise feature APIs for this purpose. RPA systems are so advanced, that it allows data to be handled in and between multiple applications, for instance, receiving the email containing an invoice, extracting the data, and then typing that into a bookkeeping system. Deployed mostly in finance and banking, customer care automation, ecommerce merchandising operations and data extraction processes. As these tools become more robust, they can bring more and more technologies and data together to create unparalle access to planners. In some cases, the RPA automation has led to as much as 35% in productivity. With this type of benefits, one can only see the rise of the RPA in the future.

Having said so, for being successful in this business, the RPA have to be robust architecture, being able to automate a wide range of business processes and which can be cloud managed and the system can then learn and improve upon itself.

RPA Tools
Blue Prism

Blue Prism The objective of Sentiment Analysis may be understood as a process to take a text and produce a label (or labels) that describes briefly the sentiment of that text, e.g. positive, neutral, and negative.Let’s say for instance we are looking at hotel reviews and the sentence ‘The support from the hotel staff was of first class” would be labeled as Positive and the sentence ‘The shared bathroom provided was not comfortable and disgusting’ to be labeled as Negative.

It is known for its high-speed execution, making it perfect for medium and large organizations.Amongst is Features are It has supports multi-environment deployment model, at the heart of this tool, which is then further augmented by their Security provided for network and software credentials. As claimed earlier, It can be used on any platform and can work with practically any application. Given all the bells and whistled with the amazing core competence, this product tends to be more expensive relatively.


inflectrarapise however, has positioned Its products to serve the needs of another segment of RPA tools consumers. Amongst its many strength is the ability to provide support for hybrid business scenarios. This is especially so in the case of online business as It can automate Web, Desktop and Mobile applications.

As opposed to blue prism which his only useful for programs, IR increases its appeal and consumer base because It is friendly both for programmers and non-developers, through its record and play functionality. This means it opens the RPA process for all those who want to automate even the smallest of processes. On the downside, it is not a code friendly tool. Being a non-coder friendly tool, they have backed up their tool with good training and certifications, so that users and use and spread the tool.

Amongst the major downside of using Rapise is that they do not have a cloud solution, Rapise is on-premise solution only making it suitable only for small and medium organizations. It can perform REST and SOAP calls and email processing (gmail, Office 365, private mail servers) and also provides for s enhancements and improvements, however, this tool is limited to work with Microsoft Dynamics only.


A lot like the blue prism, UiPath provides all core capabilities in addition, it provides security by managing credentials, providing encryption and access controls based on the role. Uniquely, it provides support for Citrix. This means that It can automate faster. It is worth noting that automation is Eight to ten times faster automation through Citrix. Where it really works well is that in spite of being one of the most complex tools out there, it is user-friendly for non-developers too.

It can handle complex processes. And this tool is perfect for any size of business as it also provides for an open platform for integration of various sources, increasing robustness of the applicability. It can handle any process, in any number, irrespective of its complexity, that is why is useful for business of all shapes and sizes, trained in coding or not. Just drag and drop the processes the business wants to automate. But what really makes Ui path different from others is that it provides a lot of really advanced functionalities free of cost and the users don’t have to have any programming skills, making it a potential future winner, a generic platform for all RPA needs. One drawback is that since it Is designed for non-coders, there are some functionalities that are yet to be achieved through this tool.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is very similar to Blue prism in that it provides all core capabilities. Its advantage though lies in providing both on-premise and cloud services.

It Provides Bank-grade security through authentication, encryption, and credentials and is capable of reporting real-time reports and analytics. In addition to the above, the AA is also providing platform independence to its users and is also known as user- friendly tool. This user-friendly tool is perfect for medium and large organizations. One of the criticisms mentioned about AA is that their IQ Bot needs improvement.

One of the available segments in RPA is the BPM tool which work on local servers using the cloud-based platforms, and Pega claims to be that tool. In this way it has positioned itself differently from other players in the market. It can work on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

It is probably the only tool that will help you in the deployment of your solutions to the customers. For security Pega does not store any execution data in a database, rather everything gets stored in the memory. And Because of the event-driven approach, it works faster. It is also known to be a robust and reliable tool.

However, the greatest advantage of this tool’s functionality, is that, with this tool, you can distribute the work to desktop, server, and employees as well making it perfect overall for medium and large businesses.Amongst the major drawback is the lack of on-premise solution of this tool.

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