Don’t let your business processes sleep! Ensure zero mistakes!

Making mistake is a common human nature that exists.
When a task is complex, mind-numbing, has a high volume, repetitive, long-running or time-sensitive, relies on structured digital data, and mission-critical, accuracy can be achieved by nothing but integrated automation. Robotic Process Automation is the technology that allows intelligent automation to emulate and integrate human interaction within digital systems to execute a business process. RPA automates processes, lessens inefficiencies, reduces costs and ramps up the speed and performance of any task by using advanced software, robots, and bots.

Transform your business processes with cognitive automation!

From capturing and interpreting to responding and communicating with other systems – RPA robots capture data by utilizing the user interface and manipulate applications just like humans do. They help perform on a vast variety of repetitive tasks. RPA is an innovative technology and the most intelligent advancement in digital transformation that completely changes our business vision. The ever-trending robotic process automation is a logical phenomenon. Here’s what it can provide for your business-

4 Reasons to Opt in for RPA!

It’s Your Virtual Employee

It interacts, responds, interprets and communicates just like a human do

This is No Physical Robot

There is no physical robot working out there but a virtual robotic process that makes no mistake

It’s Consistent yet Error Free

It helps eliminate repetitive work and also helps your application work consistently without missing any step

It doesn’t change your process but automates

No changes needed in your existing infrastructure. It just automates your existing processes and uses your existing applications

CodeTru RPA – The Next Step in Continuous Evolution of Process Design and Improvements!
CodeTru RPA
With the change in the industries and evolve in technologies, leading enterprises have been seeking to streamline their daily processes pushing their potential employees into strategic and creative roles. Especially, here lies the core idea of RPA – a software taking over routine processes within applications while human employees are freed from monotony for creative tasks. From clicking buttons, copy- and pasting values, or putting data entries into spreadsheets in an automated way – RPA mimics human actions just the way robots do.

Generating a vast amount of data with smart devices also generates significantly increased amount of human errors. Being 65% less expensive when implemented, RPA has been adopted by several finance, utility, healthcares, telecom, manufacturing and many other verticals as one of the most potential technology solutions. It doesn’t only helps you manage risk factors in an error-free approach but also, evolutes company culture and openness towards digital topics and increases both customer and employee satisfactions.
RPA in Banking, Finance & Insurance– Error-proof Accountant

While banking and finance institutes undergo a huge amount of accounting, Insurers regularly handle claims- processing – both the cases requires fool proof calculation which can be time consuming and critical at the same time. Be it user balance or insurance claims; easy maintain all finance records and numbers with CodeTru’s custom-made RPA solutions for your processes.

RPA in Banking, Finance & Insurance
RPA in Healthcare – The Risk Manager
RPA in Healthcare – The Risk Manager

With an increasing demand in digital processes in every industry, Healthcare has no exception. RPA in healthcare industry and verticals doesn’t only help in managing patient’s health, tracking and managing appointments but also in maintaining patient’s information and improving patient experience. CodeTru’s RPA software solutions help you run smoother processes and reduce risk of security and health of the patients as well.

RPA in Energy & Utility – A Problem-solver

The energy & utility industry is shifting from a highly traditional, regulation-driven marketplace to an advanced technology-driven environment. This first wave of automation, with the advent of RPA bots, plays a vital role to automate day-to-day tasks in utilities business processes such as billing, payments, move in and move out processes and other office tasks.

RPA in Energy & Utility – A Problem-solver
RPA in Retail & Manufacturing– A Game Changer
RPA in Retail & Manufacturing– A Game Changer

The implementation of it’s truly intelligent automation helps manage your supply chain procedures and bridge the gap with day-to-day activities as well as accounts receivable, payable and general ledger operations in Retail and manufacturing industry verticals. CodeTru’s Software based RPA solutions help you in reducing repetition by managing tasks like hiring, accounting, supply chain management, audit and much more.


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