Current Trends in Technology

Current Trends in Technology: Which One Do You Need in 2020?

Technology has successfully transformed human past, present, and future. Living amidst the 4th Industrial Revolution is exciting but is challenging for the enterprises at the same time. Even the most successful organizations that don’t keep up with the major trends in the tech industry are at the verge of being left behind. It is crucial that businesses understand the current trends and capitalize on the technology that will be driving your business further.

At Codetru, we are a team of experts working with clients from several industry verticals and work with them on their digital transformation journey. In this blog we will share our views on some of the technology trends that you could implement within your organization.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machines are able to perform tasks that were complex, time consuming, repetitive, and costly to say the least. Nowadays, machine learning is widely implemented within the organizational structure to take production, efficiency, customer service to a whole new level. Artificial intelligence is also used and most of us benefit from this technology almost every day. Depending upon the size, structure, and business model of an organization, it is crucial that you look at whether ML & AI is the technology that you need for getting on the digital transformation journey.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation or RPA is widely used within the organization structure when there is a need to automate a repetitive job or task. The repetitive tasks are not just menial but even the repetitive tasks of executives can be automated when RPA is implemented well. RPA is greatly altering the existing jobs out there, and it is estimated that almost 230 million people will be affected by 2025. However, it is also providing several new opportunities for people at the same time.

As an organization if you are looking to enhance your overall operations and services, it is best to look at how RPA can help you get there with ease.

IOT (Internet of Things)

IOT refers to a multitude of smart objects and devices connected to the internet. Whether we look within the organization network or outside the firewall, there are millions of devices that connect to the internet every day. Is there a way that businesses can capitalize from IOT? Yes, there are several ways in which IOT can be strategically used for the advancement of your business processes especially when it comes to fuelling the big data and artificial intelligence endeavors. However, what you need, the processes that are highly beneficial, and how to go about it is best recommended by professionals experienced in implementing IOT within an organization.
Which One Do You Need in 2020?


When it comes to blockchain, most people think of it in terms of crypto currencies but there's a lot more to be offered here. If you have to define this technology in simple terms it will be data that you can only add to but cannot change or take away. The word “chain” describes it better because in this technology you end up forming a chain of data. It adds an enhanced level of security to the organizations because the previous blocks cannot be changed. On the other hand, no one entity can take full control of blockchain because it is consensus driven. There is no need to worry about having a trustworthy third party to validate or oversee any transactions. The use of blockchain technology is drastically increasing, and so many industries are implementing it within their organization to prepare for a greater demand now and in the future.

Cloud and Edge Computing

In cloud computing, the data is stored on the internet and can be accessed from anywhere. This technology has also opened up floodgates of data and analysis to a wide range of audience. On the other hand, edge computing in short helps smart devices like phones to process data. These technologies will help take industries forward in their goal towards implementing a fully equipped and efficient digital transformation within their organization. Many business leaders see the need to switch to cloud computing and its benefits over other technologies, and as a result there is a massive scale and demand of growth within the cloud and edge computing technology in the days to come.


Even the most secure government organizations with a massive budget in cybersecurity lose millions of dollars due to data breach and flaws within the system. As digital footprint increases it gives more surface area for attackers to attack and breach within a company’s network. The focus on cybersecurity cannot take a backseat especially when you increase your digital capabilities within the organization. With the increased level or technology and devices being included within the sphere of digitization, the hackers have also increased and advanced in their knowledge. The bottom line is that organizations cannot afford to look away from cybersecurity even for a brief moment.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality immerses the user in the set environment and augmented reality augments this experience for a user. VR has mostly been used in the gaming industry but the trend has shifted in the recent past. Organizations such as Army, Navy, and Military are actively using VR and AR for training purposes. There is an immense potential of AR and AR in the marketing, training, education, retail, and even healthcare industry. The question is, which industry do you belong to? How can you drive your industry further with VR or AR?

With a wide range of technology trends out there, it may at times become challenging for businesses to choose the best and most effective technology out there. If you are looking for help in the digital transformation journey, we are fully equipped to help you.

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