Top Trends of Virtual Reality

Top Trends of Virtual Reality to Look for Post COVID-19

Digital technology has changed the way we live won’t you agree? Our eyes have trained to use digital much so that most things manual seem dated. Almost every day there have been new technology trends and experiences that have been introduced to our world today.

Virtual reality is one of the most trending technologies in our times. VR helps the people to be completely immersive in the experience and nowadays it is getting all the more realistic. Now with the COVID - 19 pandemic having a serious impact on our lives and new trends being introduced to us, there are several new ways that businesses can look for to function.

In this blog, we will tap into some of the top trends that businesses can look forward to and capitalize on the opportunities that virtual reality can present.

Use of Virtual Reality in Industrial Space

Most people’s first experience with VR would have been the gaming or entertainment industry. With the race to provide exceptional service to customers, businesses are exploring more ways to implement best solutions to customers. Virtual reality is used in environments that are dangerous for manual presence and training for employees to handle critical situations.

Even in situations where tools or equipment can be easily damaged, VR is being explored to further empower workers to take appropriate measures and decisions. Industries are able to expand customer experience to bigger, better, and easier for customers.

Use of Virtual Reality in Teaching and Training

With the sudden lockdown and pandemic changing norms for us, teaching and training has changed for good. Gone are the days when manual intervention was considered to be the best training. We live in times when digital is everything. What better way to teach from the computer screens than to use viral reality environment. VR is the next big trend in the teaching and training sector and businesses that want to get the best out of this immensely popular and beneficial technology will have to act now.

Why wait to jump on the bandwagon when you can immediately get onto the virtual world now? The choice is fairly simple for businesses who want to take their teaching and training further

Use in the Entertainment Industry

What will people do at home when travel is restricted either by the government or family worried about their well being? Well, most people will turn to entertainment and try to explore various options to immerse themselves in the best experience. Entertainment industry spends billions of dollars every year in keeping customers entertained at all times and so there is a huge potential to tap into this smooth flow.

Enterprises can look at several ways in which user friendly mobile applications can be created to keep customers entertained. Whether it is video games, movies, or any other applications designed to keep customers entertained, there is a great potential to club it all with virtual reality. Customers immersed in an entertainment environment are more likely to be converted into being loyal to the brand.

Use of Virtual Reality in Industrial Space

VR and Shopping

Shopping is a pain for many and given current circumstances people are limited to their homes. Going out shopping is a long process that not only takes time but it also means that a person is putting himself or herself at risk. Businesses can tap into this problem and implement a VR shopping solution for customers. Rather than walking into physical stores and choosing their preferred products or services, can customers use virtual reality to do the same?

Who wouldn’t want to go shopping while lying down on the couch and just using a VR headset? Well, businesses that plan according to the specific needs of customers are in line to receive greater returns with time.

Virtual Events are Trending

Pandemic imposed several travel restrictions and it did impact several businesses and entrepreneurs for a while. However, innovative technology helped businesses to carry out virtual events. Even large conferences, sports events, boardroom discussions are being carried out from the comfort of one’s home.

Live stream of the program and conference is common and many reputed names such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, HTC and the likes carried our virtual events. Virtual reality kind of pivoted the way ahead for these events and helped attendees feel as if they were present in a real location.

Businesses that are planning to expand their operations further need to not just look at ways in which they can carry out virtual events, but also how virtual reality can help them accomplish better results. If VR is able to change the game with immersion and keep the audience engaged, it will help to retain customers and make the best out of technology.

Making Real Estate Real

Around the world real estate is one of the most promising industries, and there is always appreciation in the cost. It is an expensive affair to design and construct new buildings and it requires rigorous planning. Teams that are working on construction, planning, designing, and architecture can collaborate together and use virtual reality to get a real in-depth experience even before the project starts physically.

In a setting that allows the team to immerse in virtual reality, it helps them not just work on the planning but also understand the complete feel of the project.

eCommerce and Virtual Reality

With the help of virtual reality, businesses can create virtual stores for customers to get a look and feel of products or services that they are planning to buy. Virtual showrooms may just be a huge thing for people who want to be fully sure about the products that they want to buy. When people are able to look at 3D models of products and services, it will help to make the right decision.

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