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Where do we start?

We’re all about the transformation.

Transformation carries a great power. It waits for that one spark and lights up a change in the way things run. It never shies from doing what needs to be done. That, in a nutshell, is CodeTru.

At CodeTru, we foster this spark in every individual. We believe that there is always room for change. The challenge is to take a step forward, perhaps two behind, and observe the gaps that many miss.

Always growing, never giving up;


Brands trust us, and we trust our people.

We believe that the brightest ideas emerge when there is an autonomy of work. This is why, we maintain organizational structure that fosters independent thinking and ownership.

That said, we offer full support to all for our people to build the skillset they need and pursue their areas of interest. Our Technical Development Program (TDP) helps them explore new avenues in technological growth. We also offer Continuous Skill Improvement (CSI) which helps the map their development in their existing spheres of expertise.

Because even the brightest minds are works in progress.

Ours is

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Our people help technology succeed and our technology helps people succeed.

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