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CodeTru is a well-established custom software development company that helps businesses globally create fast, efficient bespoke solutions to solve their real-world problems. We collaborate with companies worldwide to craft unique IT solutions, create tailored applications, provide cutting-edge technical consultation and integrate business-changing systems. We have earned a great reputation for helping companies do business faster, better, and smarter than before.

CodeTru helps companies modernize technology, re-imagine processes and transform experiences using optimum strategies so they stay ahead in a fast-changing world. We are a one stop custom software development company for providing technology solutions, workflow solutions, and talent acquisition solutions, thus making us Solution Partners rather than mere Technology Partners.
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We actively interact, design, build and scale powerful Web, Mobile & Custom Software solutions, that fuel creation & render digital success!

At Codetru, we consider that each project is a crucial juncture and follow a streamlined approach to developing an optimum solution that meets every need of the client. Hence, we place ourselves as an enterprise offering tailored and performance-oriented digital solutions with industry superlative practices, for Fortune 500s, SMEs, and Start-up's across the globe

Our people help technology succeed and our technology helps people succeed.

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CodeTru’s cutting edge custom software development services which help your business stay ahead of the curve Worldwide

Devops Icon


Deploying and supporting applications through reliability and stability in services.

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Network Engineering

Implementing seamless, secure and scalable solutions for networks applicable across industries.

5G integration


As Internet of Thingsis taking the world by storm, we offer 5G integration across enterprises to be ready for this change.

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Creating interfaces that are easy to understand, reliable and augment business growth.


AI & Machine Learning

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been giving us exciting, sleepless nights in imagining the potential for our clients.



We are perhaps the few with the know-how of incorporating multichain in our clients’ revenue streams.


Augumented & Virtual Reality

More and more folks are getting a chance to experience our clients’ business up close, through Augmented & Virtual Reality.


Robotic Process Automation

With RPA, we are achieving optimized workflows, more stable and high-performing systems and increased business for our clients.


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Financial Services

Building stable, minimal-risk applications and workflows that help safeguard the finances.

Insurance Icon


Connecting service providers to people in need through focused platforms.

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Creating robust applications and ease-of-use interfaces to improve accessibility to services.

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Life Sciences

Around the world, the business environment is in a permanent state of disruption.

Lead Management System

CodeTru’s Lead Management System

Where technology allows insurance providers to talk directly
to interested buyers

The world of insurance is a convoluted one buried under a plethora of documents. Though every person needs insurance, only few are interested in buying. For the sake of time-effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and employee motivation, it is important for insurance providers to focus their energies on these few.

The question is how to find them.

Medicaid Management Information System

How we improved access to cost-effective, higher-quality care
for 48 million beneficiaries

Medicaid is the keystone to making healthcare affordable to millions of beneficiaries in the United States. As the collaboration of several government entities plays a part in the functioning of the Medicaid program, a strong technological foundation is needed by the state agencies to meet the regulatory healthcare requirements for Medicaid.

And that’s where Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) comes in.

Medicaid Management Information System


  • Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited
  • HDFC Bank
  • OpenText
  • Deloitte
  • Dominion Medical Centres
  • ADP(Automatic Data Processing)
  • Shipsy
  • Digital Trust Technologies Private Limited
  • Social Beat
  • somany
  • Bronto byte
  • icici lombard
  • Tvs

When all the pieces fall in place, it’s transformation.

A glimpse of what we do

Big Data & Analytics

Software Development

DevOps & Cloud

Business Process Automation (BPO)

Digital Infrastructure

Next Gen Technologies

Big Data & Analytics

Building data-driven systems for automation, progressive learning, insightful analytics, AI based Smart Workflow, etc.

Software Development

End-to-end development of technological solutions across multiple coding platforms of Java, .NET, Python and more to offer an elevated experience of your business.

DevOps & Cloud

Leveraging existing processes to provide high quality and well-organized methodology to support business systems

Business Process Automation (BPO)

Enabling technology-automation and intelligence to streamline businesses for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality by improving delivery and reducing cost

Digital Infrastructure

Offering next-gen digitized solution and infrastructure for networking, database, security, IoT, automation, sales and business systems, economy, operation, development, and more

Next Gen Technologies

Mastering and integrating new, business-shaping technologies like IoT, AI-ML, Big Data, Angular & React, AR/VR, Multichain, Robotic Process Automation and more.

Our expertise. Their words.


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