Driving the Future of Healthcare Technology. Building Next-gen Clinics!

‘Healthcare Technology’ is a term that indicates how faster, the Healthcare Industry has adapted technology towards advancement.
No doubt, we need digitized healthcare systems in order to help clinicians bring efficiency and healthcare systems improve their services. But most importantly, it is to give the patients the best possible care that they deserve.

We are in the middle of healthcare revolution!

It sounds impressive. Isn’t it so? Though it only means that we are still figuring out more advanced ways of simplified, digitized and easy access to health for all. Healthcare Industry needs digital transformation. But taking care of people in an industry that isn’t designed to accept new tools easily –it isn’t as easy as it is when said. It is taking some time to realize the full potential of healthcare technology though implementing healthcare technology is the only way to bring the change.

With a dream of the next-gen healthcare interoperability, we, at CodeTru, aim at changing the legacy systems of healthcare industry with our cutting-edge and futuristic healthcare solutions.

Care Management System

Developing an effective Care Manager Application to provide information on Risk Adjustment, and helps improve quality of care and maximize their return

Medical Publishing

Programming applications for a range medical industry and its verticals to help people overcome health problems and ensure their wellness

Medical R&D

Customising AR/VR solutions, AI, Machine Learning and more for helping in research and development of the entire Industry and verticals

Healthcare Manufacturing

Advancing the healthcare manufacturing industry through a variety range of healthcare tech solutions using Artificial Intelligence

Top 2 trends that are ruling healthcare Industry!

Care Mobility

Enhance ambulatory care delivery by deploying enterprise-ready mobile EMR solutions and healthcare technology.

Hospital Information System

Ensure superior patient care at minimal operational costs through comprehensive data integration and scalable platforms

CodeTru Healthcare Solutions – Redefine Clinical Excellence!

The need for accelerating digital transformation is at the peak. When you might be finding newer ways to connect with your patients, having mobile access to a complete patient history pulled from multiple sources across the continuum of care is the first step on this journey. Improve patient-care communication, higher productivity and patient outcomes with our advanced and tailor-made technology solutions for Healthcare Industry.

CodeTru Healthcare Technology Solutions
AI & ML in Healthcare
AI & ML in Healthcare

On one hand, the voice-enabled AI platform helps lower costs and wait-time. It’s available round the clock to transform an experience into conversational, personalized, and instantly gratifying engagement for patients, physicians and staff. Besides, Medical experts use ML to analyze data to identify symptoms to improve diagnoses. Machine learning analytics also helps medical professionals capture behavioural indications to flag anomalies and alert treatment professionals.

Multichain Blockchain in Healthcare

Multichain Blockchain platform helps enhance patients experience through hassle-free payment processes where they can get reimbursement quite easily especially in the cases of health-cover or claims. It also fastens the treatment processes in healthcare industry.

Multichain Blockchain in Healthcare
AR/VR in Healthcare
AR/VR in Healthcare

AR/VR based solutions are developed for medical learning with a purpose to help students with real-time learning experience and medical experts perform critical surgeries in the time of emergency. Also, AR/VR simulation helps in surgeries, Medical R&D testing and manufacturing.

RPA in Healthcare

RPA helps in end-to-end patient’s health management. It doesn’t only help track and manage appointments but also in maintains patient’s information and improves patient experience. Execute seamless processes and reduce the risk factor for your patients by deploying CodeTru’s RPA software solutions.

RPA in Healthcare

Like any other industry, healthcare industry needs a backend team for its research, development and operations. Custom-made DevOps solutions hosted by CodeTru help you manage your internal processes while saving time and money.