It’s Time to Adapt & Integrate Technology!

In this economic turbulence, it’s important that Insurance firms adapt to maturing markets and volatile economy.
Enabling integration of advanced technology, talent, and business-model innovation into are the key to success in this digital era.
Enabling integration of advanced technology

Harness the power of digital thinking in your insurance business!

Digitization of the industry has been started. Now the time has come when the insurers will have to understand the importance of transformation.

Modernize your back-office systems Your back-office needs a renovation. Increase your team’s potential, productivity, and creativity with advanced algorithms and modernized technology solutions.
Revamp the customer experience With the changing expectations of the customers, there are needs for renewing your processes to rethink customer satisfaction where data plays a very important role
Capitalize on the changes ahead To grow very fast in this digital age, they need to move faster and embrace this changing environment. Your success will be determined based on your vision and ability to execute that effectively.

Achieve greater growth with greater mantras!

Digitization of the industry
Reward follows risks!

Do not afraid of risks, it’s followed by greater rewards. Instead, find a solution to face the risk.

Rethink Digital Insurance Era

Think of maximum time saving, effectively problem-solving and the easiest IT processes to deliver optimum customer support.

Drive Innovation with CodeTru Digital Insurance Solutions

To drive transformation, Insurers needs to embrace Digital at the heart of Business Strategy to drive innovation, growth and efficiency. Make sure that you navigate through the existing challenges and new opportunities and stay competitive. Implement CdeTru’s future-ready insurance technology solutions. CodeTru’s innovative insurance IT solutions help you develop differentiated strategies to carve out a sustainable competitive advantage.

CodeTru Digital Insurance Solutions
Automate your insurance claim process
Automate your insurance claim process!

Set your business goals. Are they limited to selling the insurance or serving your customers as well? Help your customers with an automated claim process. Our automated transformation solutions and advanced algorithm help you guide your buyers through their interests and needs with simple clicks and steps.

Improve Customer Experience with Self-service Portal!

It’s very important to understand your customer demography, age group and interest. While retired and older generation wants constant guidance, Tech savvies and professionals want self-service where they can research, compare and then buy. CodeTru Insurance Technology Solution helps your business improve customer engagement, create new business models for your business, opens doors to business growth and launch innovative products by leveraging the power of data.

Improve Customer Experience with Self-service Portal!
Manage your alliance!
Manage your alliance!

Manage your alliances with your partner banks and help your customers protect their most valuable assets with our Bancassurance Services. This service is designed to help banks speak to their customers and meet their needs while bancassurance products are constantly being performed and executed impeccably from all perspectives.

Want to explore how bancassurance can transform insurance business?

Bharti Axa – Another Success Story!

We helped Bharti Axa increase customer-base by 10% in less than three months by providing CodeTru LMS service – a set of methodologies, systems, and practices.

Don’t trust us – listen to our client

Bharti Axa
HDFC and Bharti Axa
HDFC and Bharti Axa – Magic of alliance!

We helped Bharti Axa increase customer-base by 10% in less than three months by providing CodeTru LMS service – a set of methodologies, systems, and practices.

Don’t trust us – listen to our client


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